The Berger Bungalow: Fresh Seafood at Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant in Mayport, Florida

Fresh Seafood at Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant in Mayport, Florida
Posted on:4.05.2018

When it comes to fresh seafood in Florida, Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant in Mayport, Florida is the place to go. For 25 years now, Safe Harbor has been a family-owned business, operating as a wholesale distribution company. They finally opened their current restaurant in 2013, and I thank God they did because it is that good. 

This eatery will welcome you with ample parking, as well as a long line that usually stretches throughout the building and all the way outside. Please do not let this steer you off because once you get through the line, your meal arrives very quickly. If you do not want to wait in a huge line, I highly recommend arriving before they open.

fresh wild-caught Florida seafood

safe harbor seafood market and restaurant

One thing that stands out to me the most about Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant is the fact that they serve local, wild-caught, chemical-free seafood. When dining outside, you get an upfront view of the fishing boats, which are used to catch the fish they serve daily. I love scrolling through their Facebook page because they give information about their fresh catch of the day and share behind-the-scenes information.

fresh seafood near amelia island
One of the fishing boats pictured with a cup of clam chowder.

Chemical-free seafood is extremely important to us because Ian has an allergy to previously frozen shellfish. We are not 100% sure what causes the allergic reaction, but we think it is the sulfites. He does not have any issues when eating fresh fish, so we are very thankful there are places like Safe Harbor, which allows him to eat seafood.

My favorite thing to order there is the fresh catch of the day. It comes with all the fixings like hushpuppies, fries, and tartar sauce. I always order it blackened, but it is cooked to order (blackened, grilled, fried). One other dish that you have to try while dining at Safe Harbor is the clam chowder. I know a good cup of chowder when I see one and Safe Harbor has some of the best in the area.

catch of the day jacksonville florida

If you are vacationing on Amelia Island (Fernandina Beach), Jacksonville, or any of the other general surrounding areas and are searching for fresh seafood, please make the short trip to Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant. I promise you will thank me for life! 

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