The Berger Bungalow: April Happiness

April Happiness
Posted on:4.02.2018

It's April, It's April and I am so excited about it!! 

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter yesterday. We spent the morning getting ready for the week. We did some laundry, went grocery shopping, and meal prepped. Then, we met Ian's parents and sister at Seasons 52 for lunch. Afterward, we headed over to a local brewery, Gate City, and ended the night at my favorite Sushi restaurant in Atlanta: Circle Sushi! It was a great day.

Today, I wanted to chat with you all about some of my favorite things that I have been loving and also, what I am looking forward to in April!


Homemade, dairy-free matcha lattes -- Ian has been having issues with dairy lately (we think he had an intolerance), so we have been testing out different products to live a somewhat dairy free life. Honestly, I don't think I could ever give up cheese, but some products really help us out when it comes to making drinks and using a non-dairy alternative. We have been using Milkadamia, which is macadamia nut milk and it is amazing! So sweet, rich, and creamy. It's really good! We don't have a milk frother, so we have just been blending everything up and it seems to work okay. We should probably invest in a frother at some point, haha.



Healthier Breakfasts -- Like I've mentioned a few times in the past couple of weeks in some of my posts (like this one, this one, and this one), we have been trying our best to eat healthier until our California trip. I've been consistently making green smoothies for breakfasts using tons of spinach, banana (or avocado), frozen mango, carrots, and OJ. I also add a few extras in like this BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein Powder

When I don't make smoothies, I have been loving overnight oats. They are sooooo good (although not the best for losing weight). I recently discovered this PB fit powder that I think everyone else has been using for a while now. It's so great! 



Wikibuy -- Are you spending hours searching the web for deals? If so, gain back your much deserved time by using Wikibuy! Wikibuy operates as a website and Chrome extension and it finds the best deals across the web on the products you love and search for. It's automated, uses real-time data, and shows you the best price. It will also let you know when something goes on sale! They say that "it's like Waze for shopping" (and you know that I love Waze!). Best of all, Wikibuy is totally free, so go ahead and hop on over to their website to download your Chrome extension! 

Amelia Island -- I just got back from my parents last week and we had a blast! Everything was in bloom and it was just so pretty. I have quite a few posts planned on the Island, so stay tuned!



Fancy Water -- Again, with the healthy eating/lifestyle, I realized that I haven't been drinking enough water because I just don't like it. Sink water tastes nasty to me and I feel bad about using all of the plastic when it comes to water bottles. I settled for trying out fancy, glass bottles that we got at Whole Foods. So far, so good. I drank this entire thing yesterday and was so proud of myself! Today, I am working on a Whole Foods Watermelon Italian Sparkling Mineral Water. 

Houston's Ahi Tuna Salad -- Always amazing, always my favorite. I actually have an old copycat recipe here.


The Braves -- My boys are back and we are so ready to head to the ballpark this year!


Specialty Coffee -- I have always been obsessed with fun coffee drinks, but now I am obsessed with cappuccinos and lattes. I need to just go ahead and invest in my own cappuccino maker (which I have been considering for a long while now)



This month is going to be so exciting for us! We had Jimmy Buffett tickets, for his Atlanta show, but we ended up selling them. The show is on April 17th (tax day) and we are leaving on April 18th for California! We normally celebrate tax day with a big firm dinner, but Ian's firm merged with another one, so we decided to do things a little different this year -- with a concert. 

We came to the conclusion that we just have way too many things to do on the 17th to prepare for California. Since it is the end of tax season, we don't have much time to clean, pack, or prepare for our trip and will have to do it all on the evening of the 17th. It just seemed best to take the time to pack and do everything that we need to do compared to going to a concert (that we can hopefully just go to next year!). I was really excited, but it is for the best! 

Our trip has me super excited - I cannot wait to share everything with you all and I am of course excited for a break after this busy tax season for Ian. I will finally get to see him in the evenings again! YAY!

April is full of happiness for us and I am just so excited for it all!

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