The Berger Bungalow: Hello, 2018!

Hello, 2018!
Posted on:1.08.2018

Change. Growth. Fresh. Success. Dreams. Hope. 

To me, all of these words mean that it is the New Year. Welcome, 2018! We start out January with the perfect picture in our mind about how the year is going to go. 

The perfect picture of what we are going to do and what we are going to see. 

The perfect picture of how we can avoid what we hated about the prior year. 

But, for some reason, throughout the year, that perfect picture slowly fades away and we forget about it. Hard things start happening and we get negative and automatically call it a bad year.

This year, I am determined to make sure that my words of positivity stay in my brain throughout the year and I am doing that by setting a few goals for myself (which I have listed below) and I am going to accomplish them. Of course, I do have more goals than these, but I wanted to go ahead and list out a few important ones! 2018 is going to be positive for me and only I can make it that way.

My goals for 2018:

  • Rest more Last year, I didn't rest much and I was always so stressed. Resting is a goal of mine this year - I need to focus on 'me' time to wind down and really enjoy life.
  • Become healthier I would say that I am already a pretty healthy person. I eat well most of the time and I get my workouts in each week, but I really want to be in the best shape of my life this year when it comes to my health.
  • Paint our exterior This is something that has been on our list for a while and hopefully we will get to do it this year! Our house is in desperate need of an exterior paint job. I also want to get our mailbox + shutters replaced and our front door painted.
  • Install granite This has been number one on my list since we first moved in, but every time we almost saved up for it, something has gone wrong with our home. Here's to hoping that we can finally get around to installing granite this year!
  • Travel more I am already going on my first trip of the year on Thursday, which I am so excited about - it's a surprise bachelorette trip! Any guesses on where we are going?! Other than that, we have a couple big trips already planned for the year: California and a cruise. Where else should I go this year?
  • Worry less This kind of goes along with the rest more, but it needed it's own bullet because I am a WORRIER. I worry about everything that could possibly happen and I try to prevent it. Instead of spending so much thought and time on worrying, which just gets me stressed out, I just need to calm down and relax. 
  • Read more I LOVE to read, but I just didn't have any time to do it this past year. I will make it more of a priority this year!
  • Spend more time with friends and family We got a lot of quality time in last year, but I want more this year! 
  • Install new door knobs So, our door knobs just do not work in our house for some reason. They slip and slide when you turn them, our garage door doesn't latch correctly, and people get locked in our downstairs bathroom. It's SO strange! We have already replaced our garage door knob, but it is already broken again. No idea what is happening! 
  • Buy Ian a new car This needs to happen this year. No words about it because I don't want to jinx his truck hahah.
  • Set up a blog schedule I am SO bad about this and I have already failed this year, but I am going to realllllyyy try to work on it! 
  • Work more on pitching directly to brands In the past, I have always gone through blog networks. Of course, with my travel posts, I always pitch directly, but I want to work on this even more this year. It is so nerve wracking, but I think with my work and my numbers, I should definitely be doing this.
  • Work on video All the yessss' to this. We (super slowly) make GoPro videos, but I want to do real life videos with you guys too!
  • Pay off Ian's AMEX This is a huge task for us! We had to put quite a bit of money on his AMEX for his grad school, so the payment is HIGH. We honestly cannot purchase a car until this is paid off, so it really needs to happen this year.
  • Freelance, freelance, freelance This past year was amazing with freelance work and I want to keep working hard to meet my goals - I love doing freelance work so much and it does such amazing things for my life and family. This is how I make 90% of my income, so I really hope to achieve my goals with freelance work this year

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