The Berger Bungalow: November in Pictures

November in Pictures
Posted on:12.01.2017

You know the saying, "Time goes by faster the older you get?" Well, I'm learning that now because it has really flown by lately. I have so many things on my to-do list and not enough time to finish them, but that's okay - things always work out! 

This past month has been amazing. There were so many fun events and celebrations, but also many set backs. I feel like I say that same exact sentence each month - there seems to be something wrong with our house all. the. time. One day things will slow down...hopefully.

Anyway, before I ramble more, here was our November:

Blog posts you missed -- 

November in Pictures -- 

lesley hanley

We celebrated at my best friends brothers wedding!

chateau elan vineyardfest

chateau elan vineyardfest 2017

We had a blast a Vineyard Fest at Chateau Elan.

dining room chairs

kitchen chairs

easy to clean dining room chairs

We purchased new dining room chairs! 

christmas tea recipe

cranberry mint tea recipe

Ian and I had a drink competition and made holiday drinks!

jord wooden watch

I got Ian a new wooden watch!

del frisco grill beets

We tried Del Friscos Grill! 

target plates

I got new plates for Christmas...I still need 6 of the gold rimmed plates and 10 dinner plates, though. Ha! 

garage ceiling leak

Right after we spent almost 2k on chairs, we ended up getting another leak, coming down through our garage ceiling. Oh, and did I mention that we found out that we have rats in our attic this month?! We spent SO MUCH money on our house this month.

village tavern alpharetta georgia

We tried Village Tavern with Ian's parents and grandparents!

payton berger

dakota berger

dog loves popcorn

lab dog breed

My dogs cracked me up! 

Jenny came to visit for Thanksgiving! 

fiddle leaf fig

After so many leaves falling off of my fiddle leaf fig, I think I finally have a system that works - I've only lost one leaf this month (haha and that's good).

sees candy

Jenny and I went shopping at the mall for dresses, but came out with Sees candy...never a bad thing! 

stags leap artemis

apple watch thanksgiving day challenge

Thanksgiving was perfect! Full of food, wine, and a 5k to start the day! 

ava's place florence alabama

jordan and audrey regnery

Jordan and Audrey's wedding was so gorgeous at Ava's Place in Florence, Alabama!

florence alabama breakfast

This breakfast place was amazing - more deets to come. I wish I could go back now! If I ever did social media management/marketing then I'd definitely want to do it for these types of places - so cute!

blank coffee florence alabama

We found the best coffee shop and record studio in Florence and I even found two of my cousin's records!

marriott shoals hotel and spa

We stayed at Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa in Florence, Alabama and it was so gorgeous with all of the Christmas decor! I cannot wait to go back!!

Overall, our month was really good! We had quite a few financial setbacks which stinks because we have so many things coming up, but it all worked out, so far - our leak is fixed, our rat situation is under control (we are pretty sure they are all gone), and I love my new chairs so much! I wish that I could just have a month without any house problems so that I could finally get my exterior painted and new countertops installed... It will eventually happen!

What I'm looking forward to in December -- 

  • Sharing more posts about our time in Florence, Alabama
  • Finally getting to meet my best friends new puppy
  • Celebrating Lindsey + Steven's wedding this weekend
  • Spending time with my good friend, Joy and her husband on their last night in Atlanta
  • All things CHRISTMAS, of course! It is my favorite time of the year and my parents are coming into town to celebrate, which makes it so special for our family!
  • Getting our house cleaned again by Adriana. We got it cleaned yesterday and Ian told me that she is his favorite woman.... hahaha. I'd be a little jealous if I didn't feel the same way. ;) 
  • Cheering Ian on as he finishes his last CPA exam next week!!!!! Eeeeek!
  • Cool weather
  • Joyful music
  • Shopping for and wrapping gifts
  • Putting up our Christmas tree and decorating our home!
  • Hopefully a month without house issues (pleaaaaseeee)
  • Spending quality time with family
  • Sharing a personal blog post with you has been a long time coming, but I really want to share it with everyone before the New Year. I think it will share an important message that everyone needs to be aware of. I have been wanting to share it for a while now, but I just have no idea how to word it. We'll see how it goes! 
  • So much more! Honestly, I could go on and on about all of the Christmas stuff that I'm looking forward to. Decorating, music, family, food, love, joy, lights, etc. etc. etc. but I will just say that this month is so special because everyone is SO joyful. I just love it so much! 

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