The Berger Bungalow: October in Pictures

October in Pictures
Posted on:11.01.2017

Hello, November! I am excited for you to be here and I know that you are going to fly by before I know it. 

This upcoming month, we have SO. MUCH. TO. DO. For example, this weekend, we have a wedding and an event (VineyardFest) to attend. Every single weekend this month is exactly like that. #NoTimeToRest

But, before I get into the things that I am excited about, let me show you what October looked like for us. We had a rough month. An expensive month. Basically, everything we wanted to do to the house in the next few months (granite + external painting/wood replacement) is being put on hold because of all the house issues we just had. Ugh. It is seriously never-ending! Although a hard month, it was also good! We had a lot of great food, we spent a lot of time with friends, and we loved celebrating Halloween in our home.



  • Weddings + Showers galore (super excited but BYE MONEY)
  • VineyardFest at Chateau Elan
  • A trip to Florence, Alabama to celebrate a wedding
  • Thanksgiving, of course!
  • Falling leaves and warm drinks
  • Bonfires!!!!
  • Home projects - we are currently patching a few leak holes in our garage and removing the entire popcorn ceiling. I can't wait to see the result! 
  • Getting ready for the holidays! This is the start of my favorite time all year round. Bring on the holiday cheer!
  • Planning more of our California trip. We have all of our hotels booked, except for one night in San Francisco (because the hotel we are staying in is full) and for our time in Napa Valley. So exciting!! Unfortunately, Northern California has been going through a devastating time - when I heard about all of the awful fires, I really wanted to find a way to help. I chatted with a few people and found out a few ways: In Marietta, The Marietta Wine Market is having a tasting with proceeds going towards Sonoma County. In California, I chatted with Visit Calistoga and they said that what they really need right now are visitors! Calistoga is intact and now is the time to visit in order to support the tourism business! I will be visiting in April and I cannot wait. 
  • Hopefully a trip to Nashville, but we may have to wait until December
  • Planning the rest of Jenna's bachelorette trip (surprise location)

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