The Berger Bungalow: Kouzina Christos: A Fun Greek Eatery in Marietta, GA

Kouzina Christos: A Fun Greek Eatery in Marietta, GA
Posted on:11.19.2017

I have been eating at Kouzina Christos since I can remember - even back when they had a different location. Growing up, my parents would take us there almost weekly to grab pizza and I always had to get their baklava because it was amazing. Somewhere along the way, I moved out of my parents house, they moved to Florida, and we stopped our weekly Christos trips, so you can say that I was excited when I found out that Kouzina Christos was in the DiningOut Atlanta Passbook - it brought back so many memories and I could not wait to try it again! Thankfully, a few weeks ago, two of our friends met us at Christos and we had so much fun.
Kouzina Christos is tucked away in a casual shopping center in Marietta, Georgia. From the outside, you would not think anything of the fun Greek eatery, but when you step inside, the smell of the cooking food and the sounds of live Greek music invites you in to stay a while. All of the wait staff in Christos are so welcoming and helpful when it comes to the menu, so if you have a question when it comes to food (or drinks), definitely ask for their recommendations. This time, we had a white pizza, a gyro, calamari for an appetizer, and of course, some baklava for dessert. It was all fantastic. 

I would say that I am pretty skilled when it comes to judging white pizza (ha!). I get it any chance I get and I have had it at quite a few places around the Atlanta area (and even in Rome, Italy, where it is a specialty). So, I can judge a good slice of white pizza and I'm a hard critic, but I really loved Kouzina Christos white pizza and I definitely have to say that it rivals with the white pizza that I had in Italy! I'd give it an A++++! 

When it comes to the gyros, they really are one of the best, if not the best gyros I have had in Atlanta! They pile the meat SO high that it's really hard to pick up - I saw most people eating it with a fork. The ingredients all seemed extremely fresh and the meat was cooked perfectly. It came with a side of greek fries and those were to die for - I loved the flavoring. You have to try them! 

I don't have a picture of the calamari, but it was amazing, too! Perfectly cooked and the sauce that came with it was great. The baklava was exactly how I remembered it: perfection. You need to try more than the baklava when you visit Kouzina Christos, but if you can only eat one thing, choose the baklava! ;) It really is just so, so good and brought back so many fun memories from when I was younger.

I highly recommend Kouzina Christos if you are in search for a great Greek restaurant in the Atlanta area (Marietta to be specific), or if you are just in search of a fun, casual restaurant. We used our DiningOut Atlanta Passbook at Christos, which was fantastic because we got a buy one get one free entree. If you are interested in receiving the same deal, check out the website where you can buy a passbook yourself. They are normally $99, but when you use my code, "BERGER18" you can get it for $39 and trust me, it is worth every penny - we made our money back and saved within one or two restaurants this past year. 


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