The Berger Bungalow: Pro packing tips from a seasoned traveler

Pro packing tips from a seasoned traveler
Posted on:9.25.2017

This post is sponsored by EatSmart Products, but all opinions are my own! 
When I travel, I plan everything to a T relatively far in advance. For example, we have travel plans for California coming up in April (to San Francisco, Carmel, Sonoma, and Napa) and I already have most of my hotels booked, I've started researching restaurants, vineyards, and other things to do, and I've already planned part of our itinerary. For Italy, we planned everything in advance - far in advance, but one thing that I typically do not plan is my packing. I tend to do this pretty fast at the very last second because I just cannot seem to plan when it comes to packing (and honestly, I don't see the point in planning it since I already travel so much and I'm pretty much a pro at fitting everything in).

But, with that being said, I know that a lot of people get stressed out when it comes to packing, so I wanted to share with you my top packing tips from a seasoned traveler!

Tip 1: Choose luggage that fits YOU
All the yes' to this tip. If you are going abroad, do not think that you have to get a backpack to pack in. This is not true! You will hear people rave about how you have to travel with a backpack in Europe to make it easier, and then you will hear the other side where people say rolling luggage is totally fine. Here is the truth about that: Either way works! Do what works for you. I personally had no issue with my rolling luggage at all - I actually really liked having rolling luggage and then a small backpack as a carry on, but I always check my bag(s) because it is just so much easier for me and I know this may not be for everyone. Go with whatever works best for you!

Tip 2: Make a list
This is the reason why I can wait until the last minute to pack -- I always make a list. Making a list works for me because I know that I have everything (or I can go out and buy exactly what I need), I can make sure that everything is washed, and when it comes down to actually packing, it is easier and takes less time out of my day. Plus, I won't forget anything!

Tip 3: Use packing cubes
Travelwise packing cubes are a 100% must have! They save space, they help me stay organized, and on top of that, they are pretty! My packing cube is a lavender color which I love and honestly, it saves me so much time once I get to my location because I know where everything is. Instead of rummaging around my huge bag, I have separate small bags for shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, clothes, and other items. I am telling you guys - you need these cubes! Occasionally, Ian and I will have to share space and it is nice when all we have to do is grab the colored cube out of the other persons bag. Love, love, love these! The Travelwise packing cubes include 1 Small, 2 Medium and 2 Large Cubes. They are deep, durable, and easy to use.

 Tip 4: Roll it up
Rolling your clothes saves space and helps to keep away the wrinkles - I highly recommend doing it. I'll be honest though, I don't always do this, but when I do, it helps so much. When you are packing in the cube, you can stuff in SO many shirts and pants in one cube when you roll them up. It's a great space saver!

Tip 5: Save room for souvenirs 
Okay, so this isn't exactly a great tip because I know that most people are over packers and it is HARD to save space, but do it so that you can take home a lot of goodies. We did this in Italy and Amsterdam and we were able to take home so many treats; it was so great!

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