The Berger Bungalow: Marzapane Rome

Marzapane Rome
Posted on:9.14.2017

If you know me, then you know that I love a good dish. It doesn't matter where it comes from - it can be from a hole in the wall diner, or a high-end restaurant. If it's good, I will rave about it and be back again for more. 

Marzapane in Rome, Italy was just that - dishes to rave about. Located on Via Velletri, which is not too far from Villa Borghese gardens, it is in a pretty convenient location. This restaurant is found in the Michelin Guide, so between that and the amazing reviews, I had pretty high expectations for our dining experience.

Once we were seated, our waiters brought small stools around to place our purses, cameras, and other items on. Although just a small gesture, this attention to detail was the perfect way to start a meal. 

We placed our order for wine and food and they brought out complimentary appetizers. Although I cannot remember the price we paid, there were a lot of 'extras' throughout the meal - like small bites or appetizers, before the appetizer order we actually placed, complimentary desserts, and even a 'goodie bag' to take home with us, filled with bite sized desserts. There were SO many ways that Marzapane went above and beyond when it came to service. 

Not only were the dishes amazing, but the presentation was over the top. This meal was truly a work of art. On top of the 'extras' we also ordered: 

- Insalata a colori (The colored salad)
- Risotto con burro (Risotto, French butter, anchovies from Cantabrian Sea, candide ginger
- Lingua di Manzo, porro e topinambur (Beef tongue, leek, Jerusalem artichokes)
- Carbonara 2013
- Maialino da latte, fragola, spinaci e burro nocciola (Suckling Pig, strawberries, spinach and noicette butter)
- Uovo Pochè, patata affumicata, parmigiano, asparagi e nocciola (Poché egg, smoked potatoes, parmesan, asparagus and hazelnuts)
- And my dish. I cannot remember which one it was, but it was a ravioli with artichoke. It was amazing.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend going to Marzapane when in Rome. The chef, Alba Esteve Ruiz is definitely on the way to earning a Michelin star, the wait staff goes above and beyond, and you will not only get an amazing meal, but also a meal that is a work of fine art.

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