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Amsterdam Travel Guide
Posted on:9.07.2017

We were not supposed to be in the city of Amsterdam at all. In fact, we were just supposed to have a one hour layover and I wasn't bothered by it at all. After planning Italy, I honestly didn't think anything about it, but it turned out that our one hour layover turned into a 8+ hour layover, so we got a chance to explore the city and boy and I glad we did! 

Amsterdam did not have as many tourists compared to Italy, it was cooler, it was relaxed and carefree, and it was BEAUTIFUL! We only had about five hours to cover 'all' of Amsterdam, which is impossible, but I cannot wait to go back and explore more! Because we were there for such a short period of time, this Travel Guide is a bit different - I left out the 'where to stay' part and I merged the what to eat & do parts together. One day, I will add to this and make it longer!

amsterdam travel guide

amsterdam travel


- Amsterdam as well as the rest of the Netherlands uses the Euro!

- Amsterdam is known as The City of Bikes, so rent a bike and explore.

- The official language of Amsterdam is Dutch, but everyone that we ran into spoke English and were so nice. 

- Coffeeshop in Amsterdam = a place to buy marijuana. Just FYI haha. It is legal there and there are literally HUNDREDS of coffeeshops in Amsterdam. You will see signs pretty much all around.


- Harlem Soul Food had great beer and good service. We didn't eat here, but would have if we had the opportunity.

- Walk or bike around the city and sightsee.

- Go see the Anne Frank house! 

- Get fries. We loved Manneken Pis and it is close to the train station.

- Drink beer - we tried many beers during the few hours we were there, but some of our favorites were Ciney, Jopen, Heineken (of course), konig ludwig, and Ian's favorite, Delirium Nocturnum. If we would have stayed longer, we would have toured a brewery. 

- Eat cheese! Amsterdam is known for their aged Gouda cheese. We LOVED tasting all of the cheese (and then we bought a few blocks).

- Eat chocolate. We went to Puccini and it was AMAZING! 

chocolate in amsterdam


Day 1: We arrived in the Amsterdam airport and made our way to the train station. MAKE SURE YOU VALIDATE YOUR TICKET!!!! They make very easy to catch a train in the airport. In my opinion, the trains were easier to use compared to Italy. We finally made it to the center of the city (it was only about 10ish minutes), and we made our way to grab some beer at Harlem Soul Food. We then made our way to the Anne Frank house and grabbed some coffee along the way. After the Anne Frank house, we grabbed some fries at Manneken Pis and then headed to Puccini for chocolate. After that, we tried and purchased some aged gouda at Amsterdam Cheese Company. On the way back to the train station, we 'bar hopped' and grabbed many beers along the way.
Overall, we walked A LOT this day and saw a ton, but we didn't even put a dent into seeing the entire city. I cannot wait to go back and explore more of Amsterdam another time! 

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