The Berger Bungalow: Zeb Gastronomia - Florence

Zeb Gastronomia - Florence
Posted on:8.29.2017

If there is one restaurant that I could go back to over and over again, it would be Zeb, hands down, with no hesitation. Situated on the cutest street filled with restaurants and small artisan shops, Zeb is worth the short trek to the other side of the river. 

Before dining at Zeb, I read many reviews and saw mixed opinions across the board. At first, I was hesitant to try it because of those reviews, but I kept reading "Must have" and "Amazing food," so I just knew that I had to try it, and I put it as my #1 restaurant to try while in Florence.

When we first called to make our reservation, a lady, which I assume was Alberto's mother, Giuseppina, answered the phone but could not understand us. She kindly handed the phone over to Alberto and we were able to make a reservation for that same night. I was SO thrilled!

When we arrived at the restaurant, my first thought was how modern and clean the restaurant looked. 99.9% of the seating is around the bar/kitchen with the exception of a few window seats. This type of communal seating is typically not my favorite, but we ended up loving it. The couple we were sitting next to was originally from the United States, but was currently living in India. We loved bonding over the food with them and sharing experiences from other places we had in Italy and around the world. It was a great night chatting with them.

Now, on to the food -- 

After sitting down and meeting our new "friends," Alberto promptly asked us what we would like to drink. Wine, of course! Their house wine was very good - I highly recommend it. The entire time they were very quick to fill up our wine (and water) glasses as we needed it. One thing that stood out to me was that they only had a chalkboard as a menu and it was all in Italian! Alberto took his time explaining each and every item on the menu, which was so, so nice! You could tell that he really had a passion for his food and it got us really excited for our meal to come.

For our first course, Ian ordered the zucchini flower ravioli and I had the truffle ravioli. This was hands down the best ravioli I have ever tried in my entire life. I now dream of this ravioli frequently and cannot wait for the day until I get back to Florence to try it again. It was THAT good. If only I could ship myself some or get the recipe...

Next up was the stuffed rabbit. It was perfectly cooked - crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The perfect meat dish! 

The last thing we tried was their tiramisu. You guys... this was the best tiramisu I have ever tried in my life. I could cry now just thinking about how amazing it was! We only ordered one to share, but I really wish we had just suffered through the (good) pain and ordered two.

After we finished eating, I told Alberto how amazing our dinner was. Actually, I told him that it was the best meal I had ever eaten in my life, and I still believe that today. Fantastic meal and fantastic service. By the end of our meal, we were all chatting and laughing - the food brought us together in the form of joy and happiness, which is something you do not get in many places. Our friends beside us could not finish their dessert and Giuseppina joked about not giving them their check until the finished eating...but then we realized she was serious, which made us all laugh. They were able to take the last few bites before receiving the check! :)

If you want the best meal of your life, I highly recommend Zeb while in Florence! You can find Zeb on the Michelin Guide, but I believe it is on it's way to getting a star in the near future! Thank you so much to Zeb Gastronomia who kindly hosted us and provided a fantastic meal!

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