The Berger Bungalow: June/July Recap + August Goals

June/July Recap + August Goals
Posted on:8.01.2017

It's August already?! I could have sworn it was still the beginning of summer still. I love summer, but honestly, I am so ready for the fall air. We have so many things on our to do list that we just do not want to do in the summer heat, so I am welcoming fall with open arms! Honestly though, fall and winter are probably my favorite months for weather. I HATE being hot and prefer the cool and cold air because I can just bundle up by a fire with a warm drink. Plus, as many of you know, I LOVE festivities and fall and winter just bring so many fun times. With that being said, each time the end of winter is here, I am always saying how much I miss and love summer, hahahah.

Anyway, this month is very special to me because it marks ONE year of us being in our home!!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I love this home and am beyond thankful for it. We have done so much to it, but still haven't even done half of the things we are wanting to do. Hopefully this year, we will get more done.

June + July Recap:

I missed my July Goals post because I was in Italy, so I am kind of lumping all of June and July together for a very quick recap. :) 

- June was spent primarily preparing for Italy. I researched, finished our itineraries and worked A LOT in order to save for Italy and also a new car for Ian (hopefully sooooon) + to start paying off some of his grad school.

- I officially signed my contract with The Knot!!! I knew this was coming for a while, but it was never set in stone until June. 

- We headed to Italy as all of you know and it was AMAZING! We spent the last week of June and the first week of July there.

- We celebrated my niece's SECOND birthday!

- Ian graduated from his masters program! He now has a masters in accounting with a specialization in tax! Woooo! We celebrated by getting massages, going out to lunch then heading over to Ponce city market for lots of drinks and dinner using our Atlanta Passbook (don't forget to hurry and get one before your time runs out)! 

- We helped my sister move.

How I did last month:

Write 5 more freelance articles (at minimum) - I technically have 3/5 due today, so I'm really close to meeting this.
Plant my hydrangea and peony plant. They have just been sitting out and need to go in the ground.
Host our friends from out of town this weekend and have fun!!! 
Enter into the world of full time blogging - super excited about this!
Celebrate our neighbors wedding wooooohooooo! 
Get my hair done again before our trip
GO TO ITALY and eat lots of cheese and proscuitto and wine and stuff.
Seriously start working out and eating healthy. I couldn't find the time this past month at all, but it's going to happen this month.

After an amazing trip, many goals met and tons of celebrations over the past two months, I am ready to hop into August with new goals!

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August Goals:

1. Celebrate Jordan and Audrey at their engagement party!
2. Go to a few Braves games
3. Keep saving for a new car for Ian + grad school payments
4. Get some pictures framed for the house
5. Get some organizational items and start organizing our house (even if it is just one room this month)
6. Organize all of the bed sheets we have in our house
7. Get a new duvet cover and skirt for our bed
8. Start researching colors for our exterior paint job
9. Meal plan every single week
10. Start up Pure Barre again :) 

Posts coming up for August:

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...and (maybe) more!

What are you up to this month?

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