The Berger Bungalow: Rome Travel Guide

Rome Travel Guide
Posted on:7.12.2017

This post is sponsored by The Beehive and Walks of Italy, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting brands that work with The Berger Bungalow! <3

Rome is amazing. You hear about so many historical landmarks, but you never see them in person until you visit Rome. The city is so full of history that it is just impossible to cover it all in one visit. To be honest, Rome is probably my least liked city out of all the places we visited, but it was just a dream to see all of the amazing places we saw. It will never be forgotten. If you headed to Rome for a weekend or more, hopefully this travel guide will be of use to you. I will also be adding many detailed posts over the next few weeks about everywhere we went in Rome, so don't worry if this isn't enough information for you! ;) 


Rome is a BIG CITY. If you have Rome at the beginning of your itinerary, I highly recommend taking some sort of public transportation to save your feet. We walked most of the time and I feel like some of us had tired, blistered feet by the end of our three days. I know I for sure had some blisters (thankful for compeed that helped!!). Just so you know - Rome has Uber, so take advantage of that! 

- Bring a water bottle with you because Rome has drinkable fountains all around its city. This is one thing that I absolutely loved about Rome! Bring a water bottle and fill it up when you need it - such a great perk. 

- A lot of people in Rome speak English, but not everyone does. Make sure you learn a few basic Italian phrases before you come to help you, but don't stress out about it too much!

- The currency in Rome is the euro, so make sure to exchange $ at the bank or an ATM. A lot of places do not accept cards, plan to use cash most of the time.


We stayed at The Beehive ho(s)tel and cafe and loved our stay. Our rooms, The Sweets had a separate entrance just around the corner, which was really convenient. Since we had two rooms (one for myself + Ian and one for Tori, Ginger + Mike), they put both rooms right next to each other. We could even walk to each others balconies. Each room had comfortable beds, AC that was the best we had the entire trip, clean and efficient bathrooms, and the cutest little balcony ever! We also had a safe in each room, which was really important to us. The Beehive is only two blocks away from the train station which was amazing! It is also only 20 minutes from the Colosseum and from The Trevi Fountain, both places we visited. One thing I noticed about The Beehive was the attention to detail they had - they have an app available in the app store that is so helpful! We used it for restaurant recommendations (and they were amazing!), but the great part about the app is that you can use it offline. Along with that, when you book, they email you instructions on how to reach their place. It was beyond helpful! They host Tuesday Teatime, Wine & Cheese Wednesday and Thursday family style dinners and in addition to that, one of the owners, Steve offers cooking classes that can be arranged. We had an amazing stay at The Beehive and highly recommend it for your stay in Rome, Italy. You can check out my full review on The Beehive here.


Places we tried that I recommend:

  • Bar Fondi - Our favorite place to get cappuccino's in the morning and drinks at night! It is so close to The Beehive!
  • Marzapane - Fanciest restaurant we ate at, but such a great experience!
  • Alfredo e Ada - Amazing family run restaurant and so inexpensive.
  • Pinsere Pizza - Best pizza we had the entire trip!
  • Gelateria Come il Latte - Amazing gelato and pretty close to The Beehive.

Other places on my list:
  • Trattoria dell'Omo - This is supposed to be a family run trattoria.
  • The Beehive - They serve organic breakfasts here in the morning and drinks throughout the day. I really wanted to try breakfast here one morning, but we just ran out of days!
  • Piccolo Buco - I had so many amazing recommendations about this restaurant! We tried to book it one night, but it was full.
  • Pinsa 'Mpo - supposed to be amazing and inexpensive. When we went it was the top rated pizza on Trip Advisor.
  • La Proscuitteria Navona - Proscuitto. No need for an explanation.
  • Essenza Wine Bar - This place has amazing reviews and all of the pictures looked immaculate. I'm really disappointed that we didn't get to try this place.
  • Le Mani in Pasta - Authentic pasta is supposed to be served here. It has great reviews, as well!
  • Colline Emiliane - This was probably the top restaurant on my list while in Rome. They were unfortunately closed on the day that we wanted to go.
  • Gelateria Fata Morgana - This was on The Beehive app for food recommendations.
  • Hostaria Costanza - One of our friends recommended this restaurant and said it was the best food he tried while in Rome!


- Eat and drink! One of our most important things while in Italy was the food - we loved just sitting at cafes drinking, eating and people watching.

- As you can see in our itinerary below, we opted to do tours with Walks of Italy while staying in Italy. Rome is such a big city with so many amazing things to do that we just felt like it was best to have someone guide us through the city, and it was a great decision! I will post detailed reviews on all of our tours, but for now, just know that I highly recommend checking out their website! :)

- Head over to all of the historical sites. Everything in Rome has history, so this are A LOT of places. If you have a short time in Rome, prioritize your spots. You will never be able to fit everything into just one trip, so just see what is important to you. While in Rome, we saw The Trevi Fountain, Casa di Augusto, Casa di Livia, The Colosseum, The Roman Forum, Palantine Hill, Arch of Titus, Santa Priscilla Catacombs, The Capuchin Musuem, The Capuchin Bone Crypt, The Sistine Chapel (twice), Raphael Rooms, Belvedere Courtyard, Pinecone Courtyard, Gallery of the Candelabra, Gallery of the Maps, Gallery of the Tapestries, St. Peter's Basilica, and St. Peter's Square. This was a lot to see in our few days, but it was worth it!


Day 1:
We arrived in Rome relatively early - right around 9am, so we walked to The Beehive to check in. Our room was not ready yet, so they allowed us to leave our bags while we explored the city a bit. We were pretty hungry, so we went to Cafe Fondi, which is right around the corner from The Beehive - SO convenient! After we had a cappuccino and a panini, we headed to The Colosseum for our first tour with Walks of Italy. The tour was amazing; we learned so many interesting facts and saw so many things that you always see in movies. It was such an honor to see them in person. After our tour, we started our walk back to The Beehive, stopping along the way for pizza and wine at Bakery's Pizza. Once we arrived back at the hotel, we had a bit of time to relax before going to dinner at Alfredo e Ada's. We finished the day with some gelato and a trip to Bar Fondi for a nightcap. 

Day 2:
Because we loved Bar Fondi so much, we had breakfast here again. Ian's mom, Ginger and sister, Tori slept in, so we brought them a croissant and cappuccino before heading to Borghese Park with Ian and his dad, Mike. Tori and Ginger met us at the zoo during our walk in the park and we started walking back the same way we came, heading to our lunch spot, Marzapane. After lunch, we relaxed for a bit before our second tour with Walks of Italy. This tour was the catacombs tour and it was by far by favorite tour in Rome. It was an evening tour and we didn't make reservations for dinner, so we ended up at Le Lanterne by the trevi fountain. We ended our night with gelato from Come Il Latte.

Day 3:
Our last day in Rome was short and sweet - we had our last tour with Walks of Italy and it was in Vatican City! After the tour, we checked out of our hotel and had lunch at Pinsere Pizza, then headed to Florence.

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