The Berger Bungalow: May Recap + June Goals

May Recap + June Goals
Posted on:6.01.2017

Hey y'all! So sorry for the lack of posts lately -- I am going to try my best to keep up with it now, but you know how life goes. I have been working NONSTOP. Seriously, nonstop and when I am not working, we have had event after event after event - I just have not had a chance to just sit down and write on here, or even relax, BUT today I am back and I will try my best to keep up with it. Hopefully, it will become a bit easier because Thursday is my last day at my job woooohooooooo, so I will officially become a "full time blogger" (for the most part). Super excited about this! 

May Recap:

May was full of fun events and A LOT of work. Here are a few fun things we did over this month --

We went to TWO graduations - one for my sister, Jenny who graduated from UGA and one for Ian's sister, Tori who graduated from high school!!! Congrats, guys!!

We went to quite a few Braves games and watched them on tv almost every night they were not in town! 

We ate really well! Check out the two recipes I posted: Chocolate chunk ice cream cookie sandwich and tapas-style scallops

We went to Zac Brown

I went to a Dining Out Atlanta Mixer (I will post about this as soon as I get a chance!)

We went paddle boarding

We had our first beer olympics

We celebrated my birthday at dueling pianos!

and we spend a lot of time with friends! 

Also, before you go, check out this video Ian made of me of my birthday. It includes a little bit from paddle boarding, beer olympics and dinner.

Here's how I did with my goals:

- Finish a 3 day juice cleanse
This was A LOT easier than expected and I really enjoyed how my body felt after. Would you guys like a review?
- Find time to work out more
nope. :(
- Feel more tone at the end of the month
Definitely not.
- Write twenty freelance articles
I knocked out SO many!
- Share at least two recipes on the blog
I linked them above :) 
- Keep my house clean!
I think I did a decently good job at this!
- Go to at least two Braves games
We went to more than two! 
- Save at least $500 more for Italy
I met this goal in the first four days of May!
We definitely had A LOT of fun in May! 

June Goals
  • Write 5 more freelance articles (at minimum) - I technically have 3/5 due today, so I'm really close to meeting this.
  • Plant my hydrangea and peony plant. They have just been sitting out and need to go in the ground.
  • Host our friends from out of town this weekend and have fun!!! 
  • Enter into the world of full time blogging - super excited about this!
  • Celebrate our neighbors wedding wooooohooooo! 
  • Get my hair done again before our trip
  • GO TO ITALY and eat lots of cheese and proscuitto and wine and stuff.
  • Seriously start working out and eating healthy. I couldn't find the time this past month at all, but it's going to happen this month.

What's on your June Goal list?!

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