The Berger Bungalow: Travel // The Astor Crowne Plaza - New Orleans

Travel // The Astor Crowne Plaza - New Orleans
Posted on:4.07.2017

The Astor Crowne Plaza is in the perfect place if you are wanting to be in immersed in the city life of New Orleans. For us, it was perfect since we spent most of our time on Bourbon Street - we didn’t have to walk far to get anywhere! 

The ‘common areas’ of the hotel were in great shape. The bar was the perfect size and they made a mean lemon drop shot. ;) Everything looked very well maintained and clean, which really shocked me since it is pretty much directly on Bourbon Street.

We all shared a room with two beds and it was a fine fit. It would be perfect for a family of four, or a couples trip. The beds were comfortable and there were plenty of pillows and blankets/sheets. In my opinion, the bathroom wasn’t as luxurious as it should have been, but we were on a bachelorette trip, so that didn’t matter much to us at the time. 

I have read a few reviews on bad service in the hotel, and honestly, we were not in the hotel long enough to actually get a good reading on how the service is, but I will say that we only had one slight issue: our room was not ready when they said it would be. In fact, the room was ready hours and hours after they told us it would be ready. We arrived in the morning and it should have been ready by 11am, but it wasn’t available until a little after 5pm. The hotel did make up for this by giving us a food and beverage credit to use at the bar, which I thought was a very nice gesture!

Overall, if you are looking for a convenient (to downtown New Orleans/Bourbon Street), well-maintained hotel to stay at for a reasonable price, this is your place! It was so nice to be able to walk everywhere once we got to the hotel instead of having to take a taxi to Bourbon street each night.

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