The Berger Bungalow: Our Italy Itinerary

Our Italy Itinerary
Posted on:4.25.2017

Over the past few months, I have been insanely busy. Thankfully, everything that has been taking up our time has been (mostly) fun, including planning our trip to Italy! We are leaving in EIGHT weeks and we are thrilled. I have been on blogs, Trip Advisor and Instagram non-stop lately searching for restaurants, tours and other places. 

Before we leave, I want to give you all our rough itinerary. I am going to post travel guides of each city after we go and that is when I will post more in depth about where we stayed, what we ate, etc. but this one will be short and quick just to show y’all where we will be headed! 

Our Summer 2017 Italy Trip:

Day 1: Travel
Day 2: Venice
Day 3: Venice to Bologna
Day 4: Bologna
Day 5: Bologna to Rome
Day 6: Rome
Day 7: Rome
Day 8: Rome to Florence
Day 9: Florence 
Day 10: Montalcino + Tuscan Countryside
Day 11: Florence
Day 12: Cinque Terre
Day 13: Open day - Florence or day trip?
Day 14: Travel

We are thrilled to head on our dream trip to Italy! If you have any recommendations on restaurants, places to go, or things to do, please let me know!!!!

Ps: Does anyone know what the best way to bring home wine is?!?!? #Important

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