The Berger Bungalow: Spring Restaurant Review

Spring Restaurant Review
Posted on:3.22.2017

Tucked quietly away right off of the main street, Spring Restaurant is a fantastic addition to The Marietta Square. This farm-to-table restaurant currently sits at number 25 in Atlanta Magazine’s Top 50 Restaurants, so I definitely had high hopes when first trying their food and they did not disappoint!

Since they use seasonal and sustainable ingredients, their menu changes frequently, but they keep it updated on their website and Facebook page daily. I also overheard them telling a customer that you can always call to find out what’s on the menu.

From the first course to our last bite, we were in awe - it was absolute perfection. Our food was perfectly seasoned, which in itself is a hard task, all of the ingredients and flavors were so incredibly well-paired, the meat and fish was cooked flawlessly and the desserts were heaven. 

I truly believe that everyone needs to try Spring. I wish I could eat there everyday - I am positive that I would never get tired of it.

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