The Berger Bungalow: Super Bowl Recap

Super Bowl Recap
Posted on:2.09.2017

I’m not a huge football fan, but last Sunday, I definitely was! Each year that goes by, I never really keep up with The Falcons because they are usually pretty awful... This year was no different. I didn’t keep up with them because I assumed they were awful, but I was wrong! When I found out that they were going to The Super Bowl, I immediately became SO excited to watch and cheer on “My Falcons.” 

We planned a small get together with our friends and gorged on sliders, wings, cheese dip, salsa, pigs in blankets, cupcakes, fruit, sweet tea and beer. I would say that’s a southern football feast!

During the game, we were soooooooooo happy and pumped up because they were winning, but as everyone knows, they ended up losing in the end. There will be other years to have the chance of winning, but it is still pretty sucky and I think all of Atlanta is still pretty depressed about the lost since we came so close. I am going to keep a positive mindset on it -- there WILL be other years and this just gets Atlanta football fans more involved and excited for years to come. 

The game was AWESOME and the half time show was even better #YASGAGA and overall, we had a really great evening with friends! :)

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What did you think?

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