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Travel // The Country Club
Posted on:2.16.2017

New Orleans is known for its amazing food and The Country Club definitely confirmed that reputation. Located in the residential area of New Orleans, this gem is known for being your “home away from home,” according to its website.

The Country Club is a full service bar and restaurant with a private ‘club’ in the back. The club includes a hot tub, heated pool, sauna, cabana bar, television and projector screen. The pricing to get into the club is $10-15 depending on the day and definitely worth it! The food and drinks (from what I saw) were extremely reasonable and well worth the cost.

During Jessica’s bachelorette trip, we ended up having brunch on our last day at The Country Club and it did not disappoint. We started off with their bottomless mimosas. When I say bottomless, I really mean it. Some restaurants skimp you on mimosas by taking their time when checking on you, but The Country Club was extremely prompt! Anytime we had an empty glass, they immediately filled it up! I actually had to tell them to stop pouring because I didn’t want to drink too much! I definitely give them a 10/10 on their customer service! 

For brunch, we split the Truffle Mac-N-Cheese for an appetizer. I would go back to New Orleans for this one dish alone. It was phenomenal. Hands down the best mac-n-cheese I have ever tried. It consisted of gouda, mascarpone and white truffle. When I finished scraping my plate (I considered licking it), I told my table that I could have ordered another mac-n-cheese for my meal instead of ordering an actual entree. It was THAT good.

I was very sad to see the mac-n-cheese go, but we moved on to our entrees! I had The Beef Debris & Eggs for my entree. As soon as I tried this dish, I was SO happy that I ordered an entree because it was mind-blowing. The eggs were perfectly cooked, the meat was juicy and tender and the sauce was out of this world good. The Beef Debris is hands down the best thing I ate while in New Orleans and that is saying a lot. At $19 for the dish, it is worth every single penny.

Another dish at our table was the Chicken & Waffles. I didn’t try this, but those that did said it was fabulous. We also ordered the Traditional breakfast and the Fried Green Tomatoes & Eggs. The Traditional breakfast was just your average (but great) traditional breakfast. The Fried Green Tomatoes & Eggs was great, too. The sauce that they used was amazing and definitely brought the entire dish to a new level of tasty. 

To sum it up, the chef at The Country Club is KILLING it. If you are looking for a brunch restaurant in New Orleans, I highly recommend going to The Country Club. Like I said, it was the best place that I ate during my trip. I will definitely be back and I cannot wait to take Ian there to try it! I would also love to try out their dinner and club area. Have you ever been to The Country Club in New Orleans?

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