The Berger Bungalow: January Recap // February Goals

January Recap // February Goals
Posted on:2.01.2017

Is it really February?! I seriously cannot believe it - it just doesn’t seem real. Time has gone by SO fast lately. This past month was really busy for us. If you do not follow me on Instagram where I post regular updates, I’ll catch you up really fast on what all happened in January (but you should go follow me anyway. My username is @lexrose5):

For Christmas, Ian got his first GoPro and we are beginning to figure out how to make videos. This will be PERFECT for our upcoming trips! 

Here is one of the first videos that he did in Florida:

When we got back from Florida, the winter weather showed up in Atlanta for one weekend. We ended up getting a bit of snow, but it was all packed between layers of ice, so it really wasn’t that fun to ‘play’ in. We did sled and that was a blast! Check out this sledding video Ian made. I really love this one:

I started taking my Pure Barre classes again this month and I am SO excited to get back into it, but I am definitely really sore. #WorthIt

Ian took his first CPA exam and should be getting the results back soon (eeeeek)!

Ian went to Vegas with his friends and I went to Florida again with my sister and niece. We had SO much fun and were so lucky to get one great beach day.

Other than those few highlights, we really just worked a TON. Tax season is now picking up, so these next few months will be mostly work, haha. Boring! 

Here’s how I did on my goals this past month:

- Try not to over schedule our calendar so that Ian has a lot of time to study for his CPA exam.
- Rest as much as possible to help heal my concussion.
- Start my Pure Barre classes again.
- Celebrate my dad’s bday! 
- Buy a Dyson vaccum (YAY!!!!)
- Start organizing our garage.
- Take down all the Christmas decorations. We ALMOST completed this one. We took down everything except for our outdoor lights, ugh.
- Enjoy the time I get with Ian.

- Start fine tuning our Italy itinerary.

I’d say I did pretty great! I am SO looking forward to this next month and all of the festivities! Here are my goals for Feb:

February Goals

- Try to take Pure Barre at least 2-3 times each week.
- Add walking into my workout routine.
- Head to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!!!!
- FINALLY get my license updated...I have been putting this off for months!
- Catch up with friends and family.
- Once again, not over schedule ourselves so that Ian has time to study for his next CPA exam.
- Get my bridesmaid dress (For Jessica’s wedding) fitted.

What goals do you have for February?

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