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My Christmas List
Posted on:12.09.2016

Another Christmas season is here already, and I am SO excited about all of the gifts that I have purchased for others. Giving is by far my favorite part of Christmas. I try my best to find special gifts for each person that I think they will love, and I just loooove seeing their faces when they open them. I think I purchased awesome gifts for my family this year, and I just can’t wait!!!

This year, we are going to Ian’s parents next weekend to celebrate Christmas (eeeeeek!!!) and then, for the first time in two years, we are celebrating Christmas with my parents. We were originally going to go down there a few days after Christmas, but then we would be at our house alone on Christmas day, so we looked at our calendars and it actually kind of made sense to go down there after our Christmas Eve celebrations. I am SO excited about that!

This year, I created a Christmas list for my family. I told them that we would prefer cash, useful gift cards, or Delta gift cards over anything else, but if they HAD to get us other “stuff” this is what we could use: 

My Christmas List

- Delta Gift Cards: We are going to Italy this summer and this would be SO useful.
- Useful Gift Cards (Whole Foods, Publix, Kroger, Costco, etc.)
- Nest products: We need another nest thermostat and two more nest protects.
- Kitchen items: A butter dish, a spoon rest, organizational items for our pantry, etc.
- Home decor: I’m pretty picky about this stuff, but I really just asked my sister for this IF she didn’t get us a Delta Gift card because she knows what I like :) 

My list might be boring, but it’s things we need or would spend $ on ourselves. I usually try to go practical when I have a goal in mind, and this year, my goal is going to Italy, going to all of the weddings and bachelorette trips we have coming up and hopefully getting granite installed throughout our house! <3

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! I do have a few more posts planned between now and Christmas, but other than those, I am not sure how much I will be posting until after the holidays. I really want to try to spend the holidays soaking in all the time with my family, but I will be keeping up with my Instagram, so you can catch me there!

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