The Berger Bungalow: Taking Care Of Yourself Before Helping Others

Taking Care Of Yourself Before Helping Others
Posted on:12.11.2016

So many people around the world are in bad health, and wish they could do the simple things that we do each day. We have the ability to utilize the places, people and items around us to take care of our bodies, but they are often taken advantage of, and put on the back burner because we don’t think twice about taking care of our bodies when they are already healthy. Luckily, we can change our perspectives, and start a healthy lifestyle at any point. Once we take care of ourselves, we also have the ability to help others, which is what this season is all about! 

Caring for your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is so important. My lifestyle is constantly on the go and it is so easy to fall into a routine of eating out, not working out, and constant snacking, but I choose to live a healthy lifestyle for myself, and for others, as well. If I was not healthy, I would not be able to help those around me. 

Today, I want to share with you some of my best self-care tips that I have learned about over the past few months, and then I will also share a few ways that you can give this holiday season AFTER you take care of yourself! 

6 Simple Ways To Practice Self-Care

1. Get enough sleep
Sleep is so very important! While you sleep, your body repairs and heals itself. If you don’t get the needed sleep, your body won’t have any down-time, and could potentially lead to an increased risk of multiple diseases.

2. Workout each morning
Working out not only helps you feel your best, but it also prevents a lot of negative health issues and diseases. Exercise also improves your mood, promotes better sleep, gives you a boost in your energy, can reduce anxiety, can improve confidence, can increase relaxation, and can help control addictions.

3. Drink coffee that is amazing for you!
Let me tell you about Bulletproof Coffee. I tried this coffee for the first time the other week, and I can 100% tell a massive difference in my body. I have more energy, my brain seems more clear, it doesn’t make me jittery like some coffee does, and it has helped me become more motivated with my workout goals. Have I convinced you to try Bulletproof Coffee yet? If not, let me tell you a few facts. 

There IS such thing as “bad” coffee. Bad coffee can have mold toxins in it which can contribute to chronic health issues. In fact, bad coffee is almost always contaminated with mycotoxins, which are damaging compounds created by molds. Isn’t it crazy that mycotoxins are almost always in all low quality brands of coffee? That’s the reason why some coffee is so cheap - they use low quality beans which allow a higher percentage of damaged, or moldy beans. They then process them to add flavor, but that actually increases the amount of toxins, too! Another fun fact is that decaf coffee is even worse than regular coffee. 

Don’t worry, not all coffee is bad! Coffee is only bad for you if it serves as a platform for mold production/delivery. One amazing thing about Bulletproof is that optimizes each step of the production process to make sure they are low toxin! Bulletproof Coffee is grown at high altitude, are hand-harvested, and carefully processed to make sure there is absolutely no mold! Not only do they take every preventative measure to prevent it, but they also test it to double check that it meets the Bulletproof quality and purity standards! Good coffee promotes brain function, memory, and energy levels. No wonder my brain felt clear! Good coffee also serves as a source of antioxidants, which I did not know! Check out these amazing coffee benefits here!

I have also been putting in Brain Octane Oil and Grass-fed ghee in with my coffee which has amazing effects on your body, as well. The Brain Octane Oil helps you burn fat and is a quick source of energy because it is made from 100% coconut oil, which is fat instead of sugar. It is the best way to get an energy boost without the crash later on. I have been looking for something that could speed up my metabolism, and this is the best option! 

I bet I have sold you on Bulletproof Coffee now! It honestly has been an amazing addition to my life to keep me going throughout the day, without the crash. Go find out more info here. The easiest way to get started is by purchasing one of their starter kits! Check them out here!

4. Look your best to feel your best
I don’t know about you, but when I look good, I feel great. I make sure to wake up an hour earlier than I need to so that I can take time to shower, put on makeup, and choose an outfit that makes me feel great.

5. Stay hydrated and choose healthier options
I could go on and on about the benefits of staying hydrated and eating healthy options, but I will spare you from my rant. When I eat awful, I feel awful. I’ve quickly realized that to feel good, I need to eat healthier options consistently. It not only makes me feel good, but I look better, have more energy, and get through my day easier. I have noticed that my eating habits have changed some when drinking Bulletproof Coffee. I don’t snack as much, and I honestly do not crave all of the horrible sugar snacks that I used to *need* each night.

6. Take time for yourself
This might be my best tip - taking time for yourself is essential. Take your coffee and a book and relax for 30 minutes, or do some yoga to wind down before bed. No matter what it is, give yourself time to do whatever your body needs. 

Putting your body first will help you feel so much better in your everyday life, and you will also have the ability to help others that do not have it as good as you do. I am so beyond blessed with my body, and I am ready to take care of it to the best of my ability so that I can help others. Now, as promised, here are a few ways that you can help and give back this holiday season:

-Volunteer at a food kitchen
-Find a way to provide Christmas presents to kids in need
-Donate warm blankets and jackets to your local shelters
-Pay someones layaway anonymously 
-Give a box of toys to a children's hospital
-Spend time at a nursing home
-Donate to a food bank
-Put together boxes for the homeless or needy like I did in these pictures

I genuinely hope this post shows you the importance of taking care of your body, and also urges you to help others this holiday season after helping yourself. Maybe your way of helping others is gifting a bag of Bulletproof Coffee!! :) 

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