The Berger Bungalow: November Goals

November Goals
Posted on:11.09.2016

Hey everyone! I knew I wasn’t going to be able to post my goals on the 1st of this month, but my goal was to get it up on the first week of November, which obviously didn’t happen. I had every intention of doing so, but I came home each night and just did not want to write. Hey, but at least it is getting posted on the second week, right?! :) 

I hope everyone is having an amazing November, so far. Instead of doing my October Recap (since it is the second week of November), I am just going to jump straight into my goals!!

November Goals
- VOTE! 
- Tour Debarge Vineyards with Jenna (for her wedding) <3
- Go to my first UGA game
- Have “Friendzgiving” with my sister and her friends.
- Create an event for the December Grove!
- Really concentrate on appreciating the small moments this month
- Cook a pumpkin pie! 
- Come up with a new “fall” recipe
- Spend one day relaxing with Ian (because I don’t even remember the last time this happened)
- Celebrate Thanksgiving with family!! 
- Drink more water...always on my list, haha.
- Start planning my Christmas party

Do you have any goals this month? I hope everyone has the goal of spending time with their loved ones! <3

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