The Berger Bungalow: Making Memories at Friendsgiving with Tim Tam

Making Memories at Friendsgiving with Tim Tam
Posted on:11.02.2016

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Creating traditions and making memories with friends and family is one of the most important things to me. When I was younger, my family always had the tradition of going to my grandma’s house each Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Our old traditions have gone away over the past few years, and we have been trying to create new, fun ones that will stick around for years to come. Now that we finally have a home where we can entertain in, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create a new tradition and host Friendsgiving in our new place! If you don’t know what Friendsgiving is, it is basically what you’re thinking: Thanksgiving, but with friends instead of family (but don’t keep your family away, we welcomed ours anyway)! 

Nine of our closest friends came to our home to share Friendsgiving with us, and it was amazing. We chatted, laughed, ate, drank and just shared each other's company! Ian actually did most of the cooking, and I was blown away. It was fabulous! We feasted on mashed potatoes (prepared by my friend, Lesley), Crostinis (Lesley also made these), ham, beet, pear & walnut salad, rolls, macaroni and cheese, parmesan cream brussels sprouts, dill & lemon carrots, and Tim Tam’s for dessert. It was amazing! 

Food is a huge part of a successful party, but I also think there are a few other “must haves” to create a memorable time! Like I mentioned above, good food (and drinks) is probably number one on the list. Other than that, I believe that you need some kind of entertainment, a bit of decor, and a goody bag for each guest to say thank you for coming! We had all of these - the food was great, we had touches of fall decor throughout the party and even had fall scented candles lit, and we had the best entertainment and goody bags. Let me explain…

A few months ago, Ian and I were walking through Target and came across these chocolatey biscuits called “Tim Tam’s.” We love trying new things, so we automatically grabbed them and looked them up when we got home. Little did we know, there is a thing called the “Tim Tam Slam.” Basically, you bite off both sides of the Tim Tam and use it as a straw to sip milk, hot chocolate, tea, or a different beverage of your choice. Your ultimate goal is to drink the milk and eat your Tim Tam before it “crumbles.” For us, it never crumbled. Instead, the Tim Tam became melted chocolaty goodness. Seriously good. Well, Ian and I did this Tim Tam Slam and had an absolutely hilarious blast!! We knew that we had to share it with our friends, and the perfect opportunity arose at Friendsgiving. After dinner, we gathered all of our friends around our kitchen island and told them the story of our original Tim Tam Slam. I demonstrated how to do it, and then everyone joined! Let me tell you - if you want some serious fun at your next party, do a Tim Tam Slam! Everyone in the room was laughing to the point where some of us had milk coming out of our noses!!! There were only a few people in the room that had tried Tim Tam’s before the Tim Tam Slam, but after we were done, everyone was sold; they all wanted more because they are that good. I mean, look how fun and yummy this is!!

Thankfully, my party planning tips came into play and I prepared goody bags filled with extra Tim Tam’s for them to take home, so they would get their fix of Tim Tam’s and remember our fun memory! I really tried to make these goody bags special, so I stuck to the Friendsgiving theme, and wrote why I was thankful for each person. This made them personalized, and cute. I really was so happy to make my friends feel loved and cared for during this special time of year! Here’s how I made the goody bags:

What you need

- Tim Tam’s, any flavor. We had all three: Original Chocolate Crème, Caramel, and Dark Chocolate
- Goody bags
- Tags + string
- Marker or pen


First, you need to purchase all of your items. I found everything I needed at Target which was so nice because it saved me a lot of time being able to grab everything at one store. 

Once you have your items, head home and start assembling. I wrote down all of my attendees on a piece of paper to make sure that I did not forget anyone, and then I started writing on each tag. The front of each tag was similar, most said “We are thankful for you” or “I am thankful for you”, but the back had the names of our friends, and a few sentences of why I am thankful for them.

After you finish writing all of your tags, you are going to want to fill up your goody bags with the Tim Tam’s, and then tie your tag to the bag to close it up!

Assemble them in a basket, on your table, or in another cute way so that your guests can grab them when they head out the door! I had them showcased on our Friendsgiving table, and handed them to my friends after we did the Tim Tam Slam. Everyone was so grateful, and felt so special and loved which was my ultimate goal! 

Friendsgiving with a Tim Tam Slam has officially become a fun tradition in our household. Have you ever tried a Tim Tam? Maybe you should have them at your next party! Check out these great Cartwheel offers that I found to help you out: 10/30-11/09, 11/10-11/13, and 11/14-12/04

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