The Berger Bungalow: Purchasing Fall Fashion Essentials With Groupon Coupons

Purchasing Fall Fashion Essentials With Groupon Coupons
Posted on:10.31.2016

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

When I step outside, I see the leaves and grass changing color, I smell the faint scent of a bonfire in the distance and I feel the cool air pick up each day. With the season change comes a need for new clothes. I absolutely adore clothes, especially in fall when you can layer, but I hate spending money on items for myself and I do not do it very often, even when I need them. 

What I have realized lately is that I have been putting myself on the back burner. I do not remember the last time that I purchased clothes for myself. I read fashion blogs daily and follow plenty of stores and boutiques on Instagram, but I realize that I just drool over the clothes instead of purchasing them. This is because I put myself last a good amount of the time, which is a great thing, but every so often, you have to put yourself first to get some needed "you time.”

So, in the past month, I have started putting myself first by getting some new fall clothes! The best feeling in the world is taking on the world each day feeling great about yourself and I believe that the clothes on your back take a huge part in getting that confident feeling. I still hate spending money on myself, but I have found a way to lessen the blow quite significantly. 

I have no clue how I never knew about this until now, but Groupon has a Coupon section on their website!! You can find it here. I was BLOWN AWAY when I found this because you can still shop at the stores that you love while getting a huge discount! When I found out about it, I definitely took advantage of it by shopping at Nordstrom and Steve Madden! With Nordstrom, I found so many deals for home items, clothes, booties, dresses, jeans and outdoor apparel! With Steve Madden, there were many deals on shoes, and fall trends! This is not only a great deal for yourself, but it will make Christmas shopping SO much more affordable! 

With Groupon Coupons, I feel so much better about purchasing clothing and other items for myself! Items I probably wouldn’t have purchased in the past are now in my closet and I am SO happy about it! Here are a few fall essentials that I have purchased:

Fall Fashion Essentials




Tunics and Pikos


Fun Vests

Cozy, but light sweaters

Large pullovers

Do you have any of these fall essentials? Have you ever used Groupon Coupons?!

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