The Berger Bungalow: House Adventures // Kitchen

House Adventures // Kitchen
Posted on:10.28.2016

We have two rooms inside the house that will end up looking completely different when we move out (hopefully) - the kitchen, and the master bathroom. Of course, all of the other rooms will be updated, but I think these rooms will actually look like completely different rooms, and I am most excited about them!

The kitchen is a huge reason we fell in love with this house. It has a good amount of counter space, the cabinets are large and deep, it has a huge spot for a fridge, it has a pantry, and most importantly, it is has a lot of space to work in with multiple people, so it is perfect for holidays and parties! Talk about dreams coming true. Although great as is, we have done a lot to it since we first bought it, and we have a lot more to do. This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click and purchase any of the linked items below, I will make a small amount of money off of your purchase. This will NOT raise the price of the item for you. Thank you for supporting The Berger Bungalow!

Here is what it looked like before our work started. The walls were green, the appliances were old & it had popcorn ceilings.

Since then, we have have done quite a bit. As you can see, we changed out the wall color and took off the popcorn ceilings. This combination has completely opened and brightened the room.

We changed out all of the appliances. The house did not come with a fridge or microwave, so we added those and removed the old dishwasher and range and replaced them! Totally worth it!! 

This space had an old white hood on it before!

We have also added touches to make it feel homey.

What we love about our kitchen 
The cabinets are large and deep. We have SO much open space! They are also really sturdy, heavy and great quality.

We love the open space! We never had this before in our last kitchen and it is just so great to be able to move around in it and host parties!

We love the island and the outlets on the island! SO handy! 

Plans and Inspiration:

1. Add marble/granite + backsplash
So, this has been something that we have wanted to do since first looking at the house. Marble (preferably) or granite is definitely on our list to do in the next year! 

2. Re-do the floors + possibly take down the half wall.
Changing out the flooring is also something we knew that we wanted to do. We have two plans for this and we are not sure which way we are going to go. I’ll break this down into two parts because it is a lot of info.

For the flooring: We either want hardwoods throughout downstairs, or we would change out the tile in the kitchen and bathroom and just leave the other flooring we have. All I know is that the current flooring is definitely going at some point!

For the half wall: IF we replace with wood, I think we would take this out. If we replace the floors with tile, I think we would most likely leave the half wall. My grandma had an idea of putting in built in bookshelves on the half wall for cookbooks, etc. Who knows what we are going to do as of now.

3. Paint the cabinets
While we love the size and sturdiness of our cabinets, we aren’t huge fans of the color. I really want to paint the cabinets white or cream and I am going to try to do them myself! 

4. Purchase a new table
This is a must! The table that you see in this picture is really old. Ian and I purchased it our sophomore year of college for our rental house and we have kept it since. It’s not really our style and it definitely doesn’t fit in the kitchen like it should. We are hoping to replace this with another custom farmhouse table, OR find a table that looks like my parents (because it is perfection)! We obviously need to get new chairs, as well. All of ours are currently in the dining room which is why you don’t see the rest! 

This would probably be down the road, but IF we ended up putting in built ins on that half wall, we would possibly think about getting rid of any table we had there (maybe) and extending the island out so that the kitchen sitting area was there instead of at a table. Or I guess we could just push the couch up and have a table and an island sitting area! Does that make sense? It is so hard to explain! This will probably never happen, but it is one of our thoughts! 

5. Eventually change out our light fixtures
Okay, so the light fixtures we have now aren’t bad, but I think we could update them eventually. This isn’t a priority on our list, so who knows when it will get done, if ever.

6. Organize the pantry
This is SO embarrassing to show! We desperately need organizing bins, etc. because this is out of control. I will make a post on how we organized it (hopefully in the next few months) because this is killing me! Maybe some of these products will help:

7. Figure out something to do with this entry way space
I guess we could just leave this as is, but it looks kind of empty to me?! I think we need to add at least a piece of art above the purse hooks and MAYBE something below, too. I am not really sure what to do here.

8. Add a dimming feature to the light switch [same as Dining Room + Sitting Room]
This isn’t a huge task. It’s pretty easy to do and not expensive, but it also isn’t a priority, so we will see if it gets done! We want to do this throughout the house. It’s a small touch that will update the home a bit.

Shop my kitchen

There’s my kitchen for you!! We have so many ideas for change and hopefully they will come alive and we will figure out exactly what to do. What would you guys do if you had this kitchen?! Do you like any of my ideas more than others?
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