The Berger Bungalow: Carving Out Time For Family

Carving Out Time For Family
Posted on:10.05.2016

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. As always, my opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support The Berger Bungalow!

I have mentioned this many times on my blog in the past, but my favorite season is fall. I love the crisp air, the fun activities & the food! This fall, Ian and I don’t have a lot of time like we previously had together. Between his grad school and CPA prep classes, we have about 11 evenings/weekend days together with most of these being evenings (aka. just a few hours after work & before bed which usually consist of writing blog posts for me and studying for Ian. 

With that being said, we have had to work really hard on carving out time for each other. So far, we have succeeded by scheduling out each and every day by the hour and sticking to that schedule! So basically, my calendar looks like this each day:

6am: Wake up
6-6:30: Make smoothies, pack lunches, take care of the dogs.
6:30-6:55: Get ready.
7:00: Get everything in my car & leave for work.
7:30-?: Work related schedule.
7:00 (at latest): Get home and cook dinner.
7:30: Try to get some kind of exercise.
8:00-11pm: IF Ian doesn’t have class, we will do something together. If he does have class, I usually work on the house or watch TV or read until he gets home at 11pm.
11:15 (at latest): BED!

Each day is a little different depending on if Ian has class or not, but basically we really don’t have much time together, and if we want that little bit of time that we do have to be uninterrupted, we have to make sure that we get everything else on our list finished ON TIME! Thankfully, JORD Wood Watches was kind enough to send me this super cool watch that will help me keep track of my time and keep up with my schedule. I get so many compliments on this watch, it is crazy! I honestly do not wear a ton of jewelry and “accessories,” but I really love this unique watch. It is gorgeous, timeless and most importantly, it really does help me keep track of my time which is a major necessity right now! This is the watch that I have and I love it!

Carving out family time is so important to me, and I was so glad that Ian and I had a chance to visit this awesome pumpkin patch the other week before our housewarming party! We had so much fun having a little date day together! I want everyone to be able to have time with their family, so I partnered with JORD, and they made a giveaway just for my readers! ALL entrants receive a $20 e-gift code automatically just for entering. The winner will get a $75 e-gift code and will be selected and emailed once the contest is over. You are going to want to enter this amazing contest & my hope is that this helps some of you get a watch to manage your time more effectively, as well! The giveaway is super simple to enter. You can do so HERE! :) 

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