The Berger Bungalow: September Recap // October Goals

September Recap // October Goals
Posted on:9.29.2016

Hey y’all! OCTOBER IS HERE (tomorrow) and I’m so pumped about it! I think my “goals” post from last year said about the same thing - that October is my favorite month (same with everyone else), and I am just super excited for all things fall like cool weather, pumpkin everything, and most importantly, non-stop yoga pants! HOLLA! Anyway, let’s jump into this past month’s recap, and then I will share my October goals with you guys! I did decide to combine my “Favorites” post with my goal post this month ONLY because I ran out of time and couldn’t post it (but I did write it this month wooohoooo), so yeah sorry if this post is REALLY long, but I promise to make it interesting. ;) Jumping in:

I’d say that I did really well on completing my goals for the month of September! We have not finished unpacking. We have one “Junk room” which is just all of the stuff that we are trying to figure out what to do with. Our neighborhood is having a community garage sale on the 8th, so there is a good chance that 70% of this stuff will end up there! Eating healthy and working out has been a massive struggle for me this month. I keep telling myself that I am going to get back in to it, but we have just been so busy that by the end of the day, I AM EXHAUSTED. I really need to start waking up just a little earlier each morning to get in some kind of workout. I definitely need it because I feel so much better when I am working out and eating healthy. Other than those three things, I completed all of my other goals!! 

September Goal Update
- Finish unpacking (ugh)
- Start decorating our home (we got rid of pretty much all of our fall and Christmas decorations, so we need a lot)!
- Get our TV mounted
- Get our garage doors repaired
- Scrub the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room floors
- Continue getting all of the drywall dust out of our house
- Change the air filters (This one is for Ian because I’ve asked him to do this 99 times already) ;) <3
- Read at least two new books
- Attend Bark in the Park with Les! <3
- Celebrate Ian’s birthday!
- Workout three times a week and walk as much as I can
- Eat healthy 80% of the time
- Clean the inside of my car

September Recap
We started to decorate our home this month. I found this PERFECT clock (and the cork jar) at HomeGoods. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to find both of these items - they’re perfect & so me! I also picked up a small white pumpkin for our mantle, and a few dish towels at Target which I’m really excited about, too! Then, the other day, my Grandma gifted me with these AMAZING pieces of art that have been passed down in my family for years. When decorating our home, my goal was to make each decoration special. I don’t want to fill our home with pointless decor that I will hate after a few months, or years. I really want to try to incorporate timeless, meaningful pieces that will just bring us joy for years to come, and this is exactly what these pieces of art are to me - special. I am so, so very thankful and I will cherish these for years to come! It also really sparked my interested in art, and I think I want to start collecting it in hopes of having more special items to pass on to my kids and grandkids!

We mounted our TV and it looks amazing! Shout out to Atlanta TV Install, the best company ever! We also got our garage doors fixed (YAY! Thanks, Overhead Door Atlanta), I scrubbed all of our kitchen, bathroom and laundry room floors, I have continued to clean away all of the drywall dust AND Ian did replace our air filters! I read way more than two books this month. I started a subscription with Kindle Unlimited and ended up reading about 8 books! 

Lesley and I went to Bark in The Park this year! We had so much fun, but ended up getting soaked on our way out. It was raining SO hard! I am so sad that this was our second to last game at Turner Field. I have so many great childhood memories there, and I really am going to miss it so much.

We celebrated Ian’s birthday with Pedicures and a few other things. He is finally my age for a few months, hahah! You can read my post about his birthday here! Oh, and I also had my car cleaned, but don’t have a picture of it because ya know, kids and dogs (aka. it’s already messy again hahah!).

September Favorites
I had a lot of great items and things to put in my favorites this month, but I had to narrow it down! My first two favorites are not items, which are the best kind of favorites. Before we get started, I just want to put out a reminder that my favorite posts do include affiliate links! That means that IF you click on a product below (not including Organic Burst) and purchase it, I will receive a small amount of money. This does NOT raise your price at all, so no fear there!! :) 

1. Family Time
My parents came up to see our house for the first time this past weekend, and we had a blast! Our family time has dwindled down over the past few years, and it is just always SO good to have (almost) everyone together. I can’t wait until the next time! 

2. Friend Time
I literally have the best friends in the world, y’all! We have been insanely busy, so our friendships have been lacking a bit lately, but no matter how often I do or don’t see my friends, all of them support me when I need it, and I hope I do the same for them! We have had more friend time in the past month or so than we have in a while, and I am so grateful for it! We also have our housewarming party TOMORROW and cannot wait!

3. Passion Fruit and Organic Burst Baobab
Okay, so first things first. Passion fruit is amazing! It has so many health benefits, and my favorite thing about it is that it is low in sugar, so it won’t cause you to crash later on!!! YAS YAS we all need that! I drink smoothies every morning, and sometimes it really is hard to get the taste of sweetness without adding a ton of fruit, but this solves my problems! I can load up on spinach, carrots and protein and have this to sweeten my smoothies. Now, the star of the show is the Baobab powder. This powder has so many benefits, and I really do swear by it. I work part time with kids, so I need the extra vitamin C that this powder provides. If you want more information on it check it out here. I 100% believe in this company and their products. Organic Burst has helped our family in so many ways by using their powders (and no, I am NOT getting paid for saying that - I don’t even get paid if you order from their website!). Check them out and let me know what you think! Maybe one day, I can do an Organic Burst giveaway for one of my lucky readers. Would anyone like that?! 

4. McClure’s Spicy Pickles
Ohhhh yeah! Let me tell you about these pickles. They are dangerous, in a good way! They are SO hot, but you just can’t stop eating them. I really think they add something that is addictive hahah just kidding. I found my jar at The Fresh Market, so check there if you have one in your area. I really hope they will come to other stores around my area (maybe even Costco, so I can buy it in bulk?!) ;) 

5. Fall Items & Recipes
I am loving all the fall recipes and small decorations. Target has THE cutest items in their dollar section right how, and HomeGoods is speaking to my heart with all of their fall kitchen items. My first fall dish of the season was this amazing Plum Torte! I got the recipe from the NY Times, but my Grandma also has a recipe that is very similar to this that I am going to test out, and then share with you all! The trick to this recipe is to use Italian Prune Plums, which are hard to find because they are only in season for a short time each year, but I used regular plums and it turned out just fine! 

Here are a few more things I am loving and wanting this fall (affiliate links):

October Goals
- Have our housewarming party & share it with all of you!

- Go to the last Braves game at Turner Field (so many emotions!)

- Organize our “junk room” and garage

- Design, order and receive our dining room table! SO EXCITED.

- Choose which chairs we want to go with our table.

- Buy a temporary bookshelf for our sitting room (or maybe office for now)

- Clean all of our blinds...ugh

- Start my Christmas shopping

- Eat healthier and workout and/or get 10k+ steps at least 3x a week

- Pass out Halloween candy for the first time in our new house!!!! (our neighborhood is filled with kids, so I am so excited to finally be able to do this. Unfortunately, Ian has class this night, so hopefully one of my friends will come over and help)

- HOPEFULLY celebrate Ian passing his first CPA exam (fingers crossed, y’all!).

- Keep up with the blog

- Finish all of our thank you notes & moving announcements. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous October!! What are you looking forward to most this month? What are your favorite products lately? Are any of them the same as mine? Let me know in the comments!

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