The Berger Bungalow: House Adventures // Sitting Room

House Adventures // Sitting Room
Posted on:9.28.2016

When we first started our house hunt, one of my “wants” was an extra room for a future playroom. We looked at so many houses online and it just didn’t seem like there were many affordable houses with an extra room, but then we found our which which has TWO extra rooms (not including the dining room or bedrooms). We know that once we have kids, our current office will turn into a playroom & our current sitting room will turn into an office, but until then, we had no ideas on what to do with this extra room. We finally decided that it would be a sitting room, I guess kind of like a formal living room which sounds really lame, but that’s what we are doing with it until kiddos are around!
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Here is the sitting room when we first purchased the house:

As you can see, it has a mustard yellow wall color & it also has popcorn ceilings.
Here is what the room looks like right now after we added new paint and took off the popcorn ceilings:

Plans and Inspiration:

1. Our short term plan is to get a cover for that pull out couch & see if it works.
So, this couch is not what I pictured in the sitting room AT ALL. It’s really not my style, but my cousin gave it to me and we are going to make it work for now so that we can focus on other, more important renovations and purchases. I do want to get a new couch cover for it, though to make it more my style. I think it would look good to purchase a slip color that is similar to the one already on it in color, but just a bit higher-end. Then, we can dress it up with pillows! Here are a few ideas:

*Update since I wrote this post - we purchased the L.L. Bean cover and it came in on Monday! I will update you with a new picture, soon. :) 

2. Add a built in bookshelf
This is not in our immediate renovation “wants”, so I think we will get some temporary bookshelves from Ikea for a while, and then in the next year or so we will add in built in bookshelves. I LOVE the look of built ins, and it will add some character to the house!

3. Add more furniture and decor
This room does not have a fan or any built in lights, so we need to purchase a floor lamp for this room. I really love Ruelala for purchases like that because you can get a deal on high-end products. I would also like a side table or two, maybe a coffee table & possibly a chair (or a new sofa and a new chair if we fall in love with something), and some decor in this room! The issue with making purchases for this room is that it will eventually turn into Ian’s office once we have kids, so there is really no reason on buying a ton of expensive items for it. With that being said, we still want it to be our style...which unfortunately, I tend to want pricey items. ;)
4. Add plantation shutters. [same as Dining Room]
I am just not a fan of blinds, so the options are either to keep these and not be completely happy, or take them off and either add curtains, or plantation shutters. I love the look of plantation shutters and it adds a [small] amount of value to your home, so I think we are going in that direction!

5. Add a dimming feature to the light switch [same as Dining Room]
This isn’t a huge task. It’s pretty easy to do and not expensive, but it also isn’t a priority, so we will see if it gets done! We want to do this throughout the house. It’s a small touch that will update the home a bit.

6. Maybe think about re-doing the floors [same as Dining Room]
Let me be clear by saying that I LOVE the floors we have now. They are laminate wood floors and I never thought I would like them, but I really do. They are easy to maintain and they do not get scratched up like traditional hardwoods do. While I love them, I think that we *might* consider re-doing all of the floors downstairs and putting down traditional hardwoods throughout because it would add value to the home. So, this is still up in the air. It would be a big project to take on, so I think we would only accomplish this IF we stayed in it long enough (which hopefully we will).

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