The Berger Bungalow: Book Review // All the Time in the World

Book Review // All the Time in the World
Posted on:9.06.2016

All the Time in the World, Caroline Angell’s debut novel was one of my favorite reads in the past year. It was brilliantly written with so many textures, and emotions throughout. The story is based on a young lady named Charlotte who studied music in college. When her career took a turn that she didn’t expect, she became a nanny in the Upper East Side. Without giving away too many details, there is a tragic situation that happens in the novel that change a lot of things. Charlotte’s job as a nanny has changed drastically, every character is struggling with emotions and day to day tasks, but they all eventually find out how to come together making it an overall tragic, but uplifting read.

All the Time in the World was formatted in a way that you do not see very often. Instead of having your typical chapters at each scene change, the book was broken up into characters which I thought was really neat. The book also goes back and forth between present and past times going into detail about each characters emotions throughout. I am typically not a fan of books (or movies, for that matter) that go back and forth a lot, but I was surprised by loving it so much. I think what I enjoyed so much was the fact that Charlotte and the family she worked for were in the middle of a tragedy and it showed each and every emotion, no matter how small. It wasn’t just about the sad, raw emotions. There were times when it just talked about Charlotte going to the park with the kids, or Charlotte watching TV after dinner, which were happy times. I really loved that the book had small children in it. If you aren’t a fan of children, or “children talk”, then I might steer away from this book because there is a lot of it, but in my opinion, I loved it! I think it added comedy into situations that wouldn’t necessarily always be funny, and I thought that was great. I think I related a lot to the children aspect of it since I also work with kids. 

Overall, I think this is a must-read! I give this author so many props for such a beautifully written debut novel that I really enjoyed. It was hard for me to put the book down to even go to sleep, so I think that says something in itself. I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading characters that run into tragedy, but find their way out of it through love and humor. Wonderful book, and I really hope to see more books written by Angell in the near future!

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