The Berger Bungalow: August Recap // September Goals

August Recap // September Goals
Posted on:9.01.2016

September is here and I could not be more excited! September represents (to me, at least) the start of cooler weather and fall errrrthang. I seriously cannot wait! Other than the cooler weather, I’m really just excited that wearing yoga pants under nice shirts is socially acceptable in the fall and winter. YAS! August has been an insane month. Probably the craziest month we have ever had. Take a look below:

We closed on our house, started moving our stuff in a few days later & then got to work on the yard, and also started renovations!!

We received our new appliances, and our new TV. Our first TV died the second day we got it (Thank God for Costco’s return policy), we returned it and now have a new one! I’m so nervous to mount it incase this one dies too hahah.

One morning the other week, Ian’s car broke down on the way to work. Thankfully, it was just a pipe that broke and it just had to be replaced. Later that afternoon, my car wouldn’t start because my battery died. Hahaha. That same day, my sister got a speeding ticket and Ian’s dad had a flat tire. Not a great day for cars! Thankfully, everything is fixed and back to normal! 

We even had a few days to relax this month:

We had so much fun at a book signing. Check out my book review here and Heather’s website here!

After the book signing, we went to Better Half with some of our frands from Ian’s work. 

We also had the chance to sit down and eat Indian from our favorite restaurants, we tried a new coffee drive through, and we had a fun night out with friends and family at top golf! 

September Goals (aka. all house related goals) ;)

- Finish unpacking (ugh)
- Start decorating our home (we got rid of pretty much all of our fall and Christmas decorations, so we need a lot)!
- Get our TV mounted
- Get our garage doors repaired
- Scrub the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room floors
- Continue getting all of the drywall dust out of our house
- Change the air filters (This one is for Ian because I’ve asked him to do this 99 times already) ;) <3
- Read at least two new books
- Attend Bark in the Park with Les! <3
- Celebrate Ian’s birthday!
- Workout three times a week and walk as much as I can
- Eat healthy 80% of the time
- Clean the inside of my car

Bring it on, September!!! 

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