The Berger Bungalow: A New Year is Coming

A New Year is Coming
Posted on:9.26.2016

January is right around the corner. This means that most of us will be in search of another planner. I have used multiple planners over the past few years and I just haven’t found the right one... until now! Most are either TOO detailed and bulky, or too small leaving me hardly any space to write down everything I need to get done. Thankfully, with Bailey Craft Planners, I found a happy medium! The design is SO adorable. I am loving the flowers on the cover page, and how it is personalized inside for you. I think that is just a small touch that adds a lot of flare to it! 

As you can mostly see, the tabs included in this planner are 2016/2017, Goals, the months & also a journal and thoughts tab. I typically don’t use a journal section in planners, but this is super handy for remembering dates that you need to put in your next planner! In the beginning of the planner under the 2016/2017 tab, it has all of your Holidays laid out for you, each month in a small box as a snapshot view, and also vacation planning, internet passwords, recurring bills, quarterly/annual bills, gift list, and a page for thoughts. Most of this is really useful to me - I would totally use the holiday list and monthly snapshots, yearly bills, and vacation planning. On the other hand, I don’t think I would use the internet passwords (I just don’t really find that too safe unless you are holding the journal 24/7 to make sure it didn’t get stolen or looked at), yearly bills (I typically write this out on each monthly page), or gift list. 

Each month is laid out extremely well. It has a list of things to do on the side, which I typically use to list out all of the bills that need to be paid that month. It has snapshots of the months prior to and after your current month which could be helpful, and each day has a great amount of blank space to write on.

The separate day pages are my favorite part of the planner! Each day has a pretty good amount of space on it, and it also has a things to do/shopping list section which I LOVE! My list goes on and on and I just can’t fit most of it in a normal planner, so I love how this is an addition to the regular day. On the top of each day page, it says “To Do, Daily Tasks, Goal Look Back, and Exercise Log.” Honestly, I don’t think you have enough room to put all of those on one day, BUT if you just have a few appointments and to do’s, I think this is a perfect planner for you! The weekend section is a bit shorter, which is understandable because most people do not have a huge to do list on weekends. I usually have a huge list because we just purchased a house, so I do wish this section was a little bit bigger, but it probably works for the average household! 

At the end of the planner, it comes with a cute little pocket which is so handy! I put all of my important documents that I will need throughout the month in there & then I always empty it once I get to a new month. This planner would be PERFECT for a high school or college student that has a good amount to do, but doesn’t have TOO much on their plate. I also think it would be great for someone out of college that doesn’t have a huge daily to do list and a lot of appointments. For me, it is perfect! Some days I have a lot of things to do, but I always seem to have just the perfect amount of space to write everything in. I definitely recommend this planner, I love it!

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