The Berger Bungalow: Paw Print Artwork

Paw Print Artwork
Posted on:8.01.2016

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 As you read this, I am most likely sitting at a lawyers office closing on my first house!!! You can bet I am giddy, but the excitement of purchasing a first home also comes with an extremely long to do list. On our to do list, we have a lot of typical items to cross off like buying a new front door lock, painting the interior walls, moving all of our furniture to the new house, and deep cleaning before we move in, but one thing that was on the top of our list that most people wouldn’t think of is making sure that our dogs feel special, and included. I can already tell that they feel a bit confused by the packed boxes and missing items around our house, but I want to make sure that they are fully comfortable during this entire process and have their own special part in our new home!

Dakota and Payton really are the stars in our family - they are the sweetest pups, and anytime people come over, the dogs are always the center of attention! Dakota is extremely laid back. She loves tummy rubs, balls, cuddling and sleeping. Payton is the complete opposite of Dakota. She is always on the move, and very hyper. She loves chasing birds, giving tons of kisses, eating food and being outside. The one thing that they both have in common is being loved by us!

Being the stars in our family, we make sure to pamper them each day, but especially throughout this process! A few ways that we are taking extra special care of them is:

1. Creating special art for them to place in our new home.
One of the many things we need for our home is new artwork, so when we were trying to come up with a special way to include Payton and Dakota in our new home, I thought about paw print wall art. I figured this would not only add some much needed art to our home, but it would also be meaningful and personalized! Our plan is to take the art we make and place it above their dog bowls in the new house to give them their own little area to eat, and hangout!! [See below to learn how to make them]!

2. Making sure they have good, yummy food in their diets.
Not only do they need a special place to eat, but they also need a great dog food that will keep them heathy and thriving. We personally use Purina® Dog Chow® Natural because it is crafted in the USA, and does not have artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in it. Instead, it has 100% complete and balanced high quality, natural ingredients! The cherry on top is that it is affordable and has an amazing money back guarantee (See the website for details -- We want our dogs to live long lives and that starts with the things we put in their bodies! Kroger actually has a few Purina brand coupons out right now here. You can get $2 off Dog Chow Naturals dry dog food, $1 Off Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter, and $1 Off Tidy Cats Litter!

3. Taking them on walks, or to the dog park.
Payton especially needs a lot of time to get her energy out, but we ALL benefit from long evening walks, or going to the dog park and coming home with tired, happy pups!

4. Giving them lots of treats and toys.
I don’t know about your dogs, but mine absolutely live for fun toys and tasty, healthy treats. We have been picking ours up from the Kroger Pet Aisle lately because it is a convenient and affordable place to pick up all of our pet items! Dakota loves to chew on bones and play with squeaky balls, while Payton loves to eat treats and occasionally chase a ball or two.

5. Extra tummy rubs and time outside is a must! 
This time in our lives could be pretty scary for them. Packing up all of our things and moving is a huge change, and we want them to feel 100% comfortable during this process. We are giving them extra love by making sure they get our attention more, and still getting the things that they love, like tummy rubs and outside time. 

Paw Print Artwork

Items needed:
Non-toxic paint
Paint brushes, or sponges
Lettered stencils

Step 1: Wash your dogs paws and make sure they fully dry before applying paint! This is an extremely important step, especially if they have been playing outside in the dirt beforehand. You can also trim the hair on their paws if you wish, but I left it. I didn’t want to irritate their paws, and I figured if the paw prints looked a bit messy, it would be okay because it is their special, natural paw. Each dog is different, and each paw print will be perfectly unique!

Step 2: Squeeze a bit of paint on a paper plate, take a sponge or paint brush (I used a sponge) and begin dabbing the paint on the paw pads of your pup! This is much easier with two people so one can hold your dog and give him or her lots of pets and love while the other paints their paws.

Step 3: Press your dogs paw on your canvas. Make sure you leave enough room for their name in the middle! Don’t worry if the paw print is not perfect - no dogs print will be exactly perfect because of hair, small movements from them, and the way their paw is shaped!

Step 4: Clean their paw off with a clean washcloth and repeat steps 2-4 with the other paw.

Step 5: When you are finished with their paws, line up your stencils as neat as possible hold them down with a piece of tape on the top and bottom. We had the tape hang off the bottom of the canvas so that it would be easy to take off when finished. Once you lined up the stencils and taped them down, make sure the letters look even to you. If they aren’t, fix them before you paint. If they are even, you can paint inside the stencils! 

Step 6: Take your tape and stencil off and let your artwork dry!! Once dry, you can hang them on your wall for a meaningful piece of art in your home. Enjoy!! 

I hope you loved this special craft idea for my dogs and hope you can use it in your home for your animals, as well. Let me know what you think!! Make sure to take advantage of the Purina brand coupons at Kroger while you have the chance. You can find them here. Have a great week, everyone!

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