The Berger Bungalow: Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Book Review!

Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Book Review!
Posted on:7.15.2016

As most of you know, Ian and I have been on the journey of slowly stopping our bad habits so that we can live healthier lives. We (more like I) have read multiple books on why eating organic is better, or how to change your diet from eating processed foods to natural, healthy foods, but never have I read a book about living an all around well-balanced life. Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle Free of Dieting, Confusion and Self-judgment is just that! The author, Marissa Vicario is an award winning health and wellness coach who started off by looking at magazines in search of how to have the perfect “model body” just like a lot of girls do. Realizing she was searching in the wrong place, she figured out how to focus on her health and well-being and decided to share everything she learned with her readers! 

The book is divided into seven parts, which include 22 chapters within. The parts of the book include: Holistically hot ideology, how your bod works, small changes, big shifts, cooking at home, the food-mood connection, beyond food and real life application. As you can see, Vicario really thought of it all and included it in her book making it extremely educational and interesting! 

Each chapter in the book has so many details on not only what to do and what not to do, but also why it works (or doesn’t work). For example, she shares with us why diets don’t work, but doesn’t just stop at that. She goes into detail about how our body works, including what each food group does for our body, how to eat balanced meals, and how to add different ingredients into our everyday lives. Each topic builds on another topic which leads into a well-rounded, easy read. Not only is it an easy read, but Vicario convinces her readers to live out an all around healthy, rich life which is something that (almost) everyone needs help with! 

I really enjoyed reading Your Holistically Hot Transformation and definitely recommend it to all of my friends that are interested in living a healthy life!! Go pick up a copy here!

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