The Berger Bungalow: I’m back // July Goals

I’m back // July Goals
Posted on:7.01.2016

Hey everyone! I sincerely apologize that I have been MIA for the past month. I have a lot of updates for you! If you didn’t know, we randomly decided to buy a house in May. We knew that we were wanting to buy something in the next two years (probably when Ian finished grad school), but our landlord decided to sell her house, so we took that opportunity to just jump into the house buying process! Being overwhelmed with it all is an understatement. You hear from others that house hunting is fun, but they don’t tell you the frustrating, hard, or nerve-wracking parts about it. I will eventually post about our entire experience, but I am just so beyond thankful that not only the entire process of being under contract is pretty much over, but also that we have THE best team of people helping us make these huge decisions. My sister is our real estate agent and she has been the biggest help. I seriously do not think I could have done this without her! Thank you, thank you Katie. We both really appreciate it. There are also so many others that have helped us through this process which I will write about in my first house hunting post. 

Anyway, this long rant was basically all to say that I am back! My hope is to continue posting like I used to. I know a lot of you have emailed me asking why I haven’t posted and if everything is okay, so I felt like I owed you all an explanation. Everything is okay, we were just going through a MAJOR life change with buying a house. :) From now on, you can expect less rambling from me (like this post has hahah), more recipes, posts about our house hunting and house renovations, more life posts, etc. etc. etc. Get ready y’all! Jumping back into things, here is my July Goals post(with my May and June Goals/recap skipped):

July Goals 
  • Pack 80% of our house 
  •  Post at least 4 recipes 
  •  Spend more time with friends! 
  •  Book all of our initial renovations 
  •  Write part one of our house hunting adventures 
  •  Catch up on all of my blog emails
  • The dog groomer needs to happen! 
  •  Wash my car 
  •  Celebrate Emma’s FIRST birthday!!! <3 
  •  Get back into my workouts (yes, I’ve slacked on this too since we started house hunting).

 What are some of your goals for the month?

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