The Berger Bungalow: 4th of July Weekend Recap!

4th of July Weekend Recap!
Posted on:7.05.2016

Our 4th of July weekend was perfect! I had Friday off work, so I took the time to  visit my sister and niece. The weather was great, so we walked to the park and played there for a while which was a lot of fun! That evening, Ian and I ran errands for our 4th of July party! We stopped at both Costco and Kroger thinking that we could get everything, but of course the next day we had to make at least two more stops to get everything we forgot haha! This week, we attempted to follow a Buzzfeed low carb meal plan & I am definitely going to write about that. It was definitely an interesting experience - stay tuned for more details ;)

Saturday morning, we cleaned the entire house and did a bunch of yard work. I think we did something that evening too, but for some reason I cannot remember what we did. 

Sunday, we had a demo day for our friends that just purchased their first house!! We ended up tearing up carpet in three rooms, linoleum in one room, and we tore down a wall which was so much fun! We were one of the first people in our friend group to get engaged and married, so we love that everyone is now buying houses and getting married! :) That night, we were EXHAUSTED, so we made jello shots, made the burgers, cleaned a bit more & then went to sleep. 

The next morning, we were SO excited to celebrate! We woke up early to tidy up, prep a bunch of food, and set everything up for the party! We had our Fatboy Lamzacs set up, tables for beer pong & flip cup, TONS of food and drinks, music outside, and chairs for everyone to sit in. We had the best time with our friends and family today! We played beer pong, flip cup, watched fireworks, ate and drank and just all around had the perfect day! It is crazy how this is our fourth year of being able to walk to fireworks. Now that we are moving, I have no idea what we are going to end up doing for 4th of July next year! We can always have a party and then uber, or have our own fireworks. I guess we will see! 

How was your 4th of July weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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