The Berger Bungalow: Graduation Party Memory Bottles

Graduation Party Memory Bottles
Posted on:5.09.2016

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #BestSummerMemories #CollectiveBias

Have you ever heard a song that automatically brings up a past memory? For me, lyrics bring life to past memories, and current events. This weekend, I had a surprise party for Ian’s graduation & I got so beyond excited when I found these Coca-Cola™ and Diet Coke® “Share a Coke and a Song” bottles at CVS! We are so lucky that we have a CVS within walking distance from our house; anytime I need something at the last minute or on the way out of the house, I can just stop by and pick it up. In this case, it was so convenient to grab these Coca-Cola bottles on my way to the party! Love it.

I wanted the party to have personal touches, so I decided to take these Coca-Cola bottles and pair the lyrics with special memories from his college years. His family and friends helped brainstorm with me, and we came up with great memories to go along with the lyrics. The best part is that if you download the Shazam app (available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, etc.), you can “Shazam” the lyrics and play the songs to match your bottles. This would be perfect for a summer event where you need a playlist! 

The party was so much fun! I am beyond thrilled that it ended up being a surprise. In our house, we cannot keep anything a surprise. Christmas gifts get opened early and Ian even proposed out of the blue because he just couldn’t wait, so I am extremely proud of myself that I accomplished keeping this a surprise! His school colors were gold and black, so I decorated with all gold, black and a bit of white. I truly believe that the small details are so important, so I made sure to stick with my colors with almost every detail. From the balloons, napkins and even the graduation cap on his cake to the Coca-Cola graduation memory bottles, everything was black and gold! I absolutely love how the tags I created brought life to past memories while also focusing on the excitement of his new life transition of being a full time accountant!

How to make graduation memory bottles:

Step 1: Figure out your party colors!
Unless you are having a rainbow colored party, this is the most important step. Creating a specific color scheme is essential to the look of your party. Once you figure out a color, you can get all of your small items for your bottles like the tags, a permanent marker, and string.

Step 2: Grab your Coca-Cola bottles, and other items from CVS.
This is a must, obviously! I purchased pre-made tags, but you can also buy paper, string and a hole puncher and make them yourself. All you would need to do is put a hole in the top and slip your string through it.

Step 3: Focusing on the lyrics, come up with quotes, or memories to write on your tags.
If you are throwing a graduation party like myself, come up with memories that took place in the years they were in college. If you are throwing a birthday party, you could come up with memories from the past year, or their entire life. Be as creative as you can! 

Step 4: Have other family and friends come up with memories, as well.
I love this step because it allows memories not only yourself, but memories from every portion of their life with their closest friends and family. I love one memory that Ian’s dad shared on one of the tags. Last summer, they went hiking and got lost. They were trying to find a mountain and ended up walking into a neighborhood somehow. Memories like this make this party favor or decoration, so come up with all of your best ideas!

Step 5: Tie your tags to the bottles and showcase them!
Find a creative way to showcase them. I love the idea of handing them out as favors, but I just put them in a drink bucket so that guests could reminisce on their memories with Ian while at the party. So much fun!

There you have it, you’ve now created your memory bottles! I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Have you seen the Share a Coke and a Song bottles at CVS yet? Check out the Best Summer Ever Deals at your local CVS. Buy 2 20oz bottles of Coca-Cola products for $3!!

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