The Berger Bungalow: March Recap // April Goals

March Recap // April Goals
Posted on:4.01.2016

This month has been amazing! We’ve eaten a ton of great food, I spent time with my parents, sister & niece while at the beach, I went to a baby shower for my sweet friends, I completed almost 20 classes in Pure Barre (it’s a bit hard to do when you’re out of town), Ian and I ate at one of our favorite restaurants on the square, and almost got food poisoning at The Melting Pot, we went out with friends a lot this month, and our garden is growing like crazy! I also completed a bunch of sponsored posts - more than ever, and wrote a ton of new blog posts that I think you guys will really enjoy. I am so excited to get April started! Here are a few highlights from March followed by my updated March goals, and new April goals! Enjoy!

March Goals

1. Start my spring cleaning
2. Spruce up my herb cart
3. Plant spring flowers, and maybe some vegetables too
4. Take my first beach trip with Katie and Emma
5. Add some cardio into my workout routine
6. Celebrate Sandi at her baby shower
7. Write about our high tea at the Ritz, and our anniversary celebration (I wrote about the tea, and have it scheduled to post! I still need to write about the celebration).
8. Brunch more often
9. Walk to dinner from our house (from my 101 in 1001 list)
10. Drink more tea (yes, this was also a previous goal that I completed).
11. Organize my pages on the blog to make it more organized & easier to navigate. 

April Goals

1. Write about our anniversary celebration (repeat)
2. Celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday!!!! <3
3. Learn to play mah jong
4. Celebrate the end of tax season (EEEEEK)!
5. Grow my Instagram to at least 3,500 (I have been working SO hard at this & I’m at 3430 now).
6. Read two books (I absolutely love to read, but haven’t made the time to do it lately).
7. Get my hair cut.
8. Organize my pages on the blog to make it more organized & easier to navigate. (repeat).
9. Continue to eat healthy, and make vegetables a bigger part of my diet.
10. Drink more water - I’m shooting for 8 glasses each day. :/

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