The Berger Bungalow: March Goals!

March Goals!
Posted on:3.01.2016

March is here, and I’ve never been more excited about the start of warm weather! I am actually sitting outside as I type this which I am thrilled about. March typically brings warmer weather, spring flowers, and my sister’s birthday, but it also brings a fresh start with spring cleaning, and organization! I am really trying to buckle down on getting things done around here, so get ready to see a major improvement of my completion of goals compared to previous months. I am so excited to get organized again, and get the things that I want checked off my list.

February Goals

1. Celebrate our first anniversary! 
2. Finish the goals I didn’t complete last month (deep clean my fridge, deep clean above our washer + dryer, Attempt cooking a Turkey, write about the fun discovery in Fernandina & Eat healthier)
3. Write about my G&G experience! You can find that post here! 
5. Get my car washed (I’m bad about this).

Overall, I did pretty great! I completed all of the goals that I wanted to complete THIS month. The only ones that I didn’t complete were the ones that I brought over from last month. That’s okay with me, especially since I have great goals to accomplish in March!

March Goals

1. Start my spring cleaning
2. Spruce up my herb cart
3. Plant spring flowers, and maybe some vegetables too
4. Take my first beach trip with Katie and Emma
5. Add some cardio into my workout routine
6. Celebrate Sandi at her baby shower
7. Write about our high tea at the Ritz, and our anniversary celebration
8. Brunch more often
9. Walk to dinner from our house (from my 101 in 1001 list)
10. Drink more tea (yes, this was also a previous goal that I completed).
11. Organize my pages on the blog to make it more organized & easier to navigate. 

I hope you all have an amazing start to the month & don’t forget to check out my latest posts if you missed them:

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