The Berger Bungalow: March Favorites

March Favorites
Posted on:3.21.2016

Before I jump into my favorites, I just want to let all of you know that this week, I will be in Florida visiting my parents, so if I don’t respond to you immediately, that is why! I will respond to most, if not all, of my comments and questions on the blog and social media when I get back home! I hope everyone has a great week. Now, jumping into my favorites:

Whew! How I missed writing my March favorites! Last month was just slammed for me, and I didn’t have time, but I am so excited to bring you my favorites from this month. I’m actually going to write about one of these businesses separately, as well because I think it deserves a full post. It is THAT amazing! What favorites have you found this month? Here are mine:

We love, love, love this find! 200 mill, a local Marietta store was having a 30% off sale the other week, and Ian took advantage of it by picking up this baby. I am going to write more about this purchase, and the company in a separate post like I mentioned above so I won’t spoil too much here, but if you are looking for a new wallet, check this out. You need it in your life!

Tea Cup (similar version).
This month, one of my goals has been to drink more tea. I am crushing this goal, and I’m so excited about it. Ian and I found these gems at Harry’s the other week and we are obsessed with them. I added a similar version on Amazon above. It is so convenient - it keeps your tea hot for a few hours, if you have loose tea, it presses it at the bottom so you aren’t drinking it & it’s just a really neat cup. We love it!

Okay, so another tea find. I told you guys that I was crushing this goal! I love this tea we found at Harry’s. The flavors are amazing, and they are also supposed to support weight loss. This one has three compartments - Get Lean, Get Burning, and Get Lost. Get Lean has a base of green tea with green mate to keep your mind alert. It also has Dandelion and Chickweed to help your body rid itself of excess water weight. Get Buring is a spicy blend that is supposed to help your body’s metabolism increase. It apparently also boosts energy and endurance even though it is caffeine-free. The last is Get Lost which has a fruity taste that I love! You are supposed to sip this before or after a meal because it helps control cravings and tames your sweet tooth. absolutely love this tea, and I really think it is helping me eat less. Try it out and let me know what you think! If you click my link above, you can see reviews on it. :)

Lake Champlain Chocolate Bars
Let me tell you about this little piece of heaven. So, I have only tried the Fruit and Nut ones & Caramel flavors, but boy are those good. I seriously doubt you could go wrong with any of these! I have to be honest - I didn’t find these just this month. I’ve known about them for my entire life, really. When I was younger, my parents would take me shopping with them at Harry’s & they would buy these fruit and nut chocolate bars. I loved them so much that I would eat all of them! My parents would get so mad, and hide them all around the house so that they would have some, but I would always find them and eat them anyway hahah. Over the years, Harry’s has changed A LOT. It was purchased by Whole Foods, and they have changed things majorly. When I was younger, I remember going in there and being amazed at all of the cheeses, and meats, and pastries. Now, it is still great, and we shop there regularly, but it isn’t the same at all. It isn’t as personable, and it doesn’t feel like a community like it used to. With all of that being said, we couldn’t find these chocolates for the longest time. I would search month after month & they were never there. The other day, we were checking out & all of a sudden I saw them! I obviously got a handful and was thrilled. Yesterday, I picked up a Caramel one for the first time & it definitely did not disappoint. You guys will seriously love these!

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