The Berger Bungalow: January Goals

January Goals
Posted on:1.06.2016

Well, I’m late to the game on this post, but as they say: Late is better than never. December was a good month for goals - I’ll jump right into these to get to the point. ;)

December Goals
1. Finish my Christmas shopping.
2. Get our Christmas tree!!! 
3. Go to Pure Barre at least 15 times. I went over 15 times!!! 
4. Concentrate more on my blog. 
5. Attempt to cook a turkey...and write a post on it!
6. CLEAN MY CAR!!!!! 
7. Visit Mom & Pups for a doggy nail clipping [added from November goals]
8. Make reachable goals for 2016.
9. Weed out the things I don’t need in my life.
10. Relax more!

So, I definitely completed most of these. I’m so proud of myself for going over fifteen times to Pure Barre in December! I want to keep going as much as I possibly can. I didn’t concentrate more on the blog, or write a post about attempting to cook a Turkey, BUT I didn’t because I completed my number 10 goal which was to relax more. I really needed to relax, so I’m glad I chose to take a  minute to breathe and not worry about posting so much when it was family time. I didn’t clean my car. No excuse for that one. :)

January Goals

1. Get my ring cleaned
2. Post once a week (at least)
3. Deep clean my fridge, under the bathroom sink & above our washer & dryer.
4. Attempt a Turkey and post on it.
5. Write about a fun discovery we made in Fernandina!
6. Eat healthier! I am really trying to focus on eating healthy and getting stronger.
7. Keep focusing on my yearly goals!
8. Get my car fixed!
9. Complete four sponsored posts.
10. Keep the house organized

Let’s get 2016 going! 


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