The Berger Bungalow: January Favorites!

January Favorites!
Posted on:1.13.2016

It’s that time again: my monthly favorites post! I skipped last month because of the holidays and vacations, but I am back! I am so excited about this list because all of these products are the best of the best! Ps. don’t forget that the gold words are links (I’ve had a few people ask me about that)! You can click anything gold below and see exactly what I’m talking about! :) Enjoy!

Revive Soap  
I recently found Revive through Instagram. I’m not sure how, but I did and I’m never going back to 'normal' soap! Their natural loofa soap is the bomb! It exfoliates, it cleanses, and it smells amazing. Could you ask for more?! It doesn’t hurt that it’s handmade and natural, as well. Plus, they help provide job skills for women exiting the trafficking trade in Atlanta. Awesome, right?! Go check them out! Ps - their Chapstick is also amazeballs!

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This bone. It is fantastic. Seriously, amazing. We bought one for the dogs for Christmas (and gave it to them early) and they fought over it CONSTANTLY. We were about to buy another one, but before we could, we went to my parents house and they bought the girls two for Christmas!!! Thank God! They still fight over them sometimes... Dakota likes to hoard them & Payton gets really mad about that, haha. If you have a dog, buy this asap! It’s amazing.

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Bark thins
So, I tried these for the first time at Ian’s parents house and fell in love. They are sweet and salty and amazing. We bought a bag at Costco the other day and have almost finished the entire thing already. Do they make these in 20 pound bags?... Because I need one.

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This Etsy shop! I purchased my parents Christmas present from this lady and it turned out great! My parents love it and it looks just like their dog! She is SO talented and easy to work with. I purchased the listing, emailed her a picture of their dog, we talked about if I wanted to change anything (I actually changed the bandana he was wearing to a collar) and she emailed me a picture when she was done painting for approval. My parents received the painting a few days later! 

Breathe Easier Essential Oil. For those who don’t know, I use Youngliving Essential Oils, BUT I came across this specific oil on Amazon and wanted to compare the quality to Youngliving. I ended up absolutely loving this oil! It smells amazing and it actually helps me breathe easier when I am diffusing it. We’ve had a lot of congestion lately, so that’s saying a lot! Now, I wouldn’t use this on my skin, or ingest it like I do with my Youngliving oils, but it is great for diffusing! For those that are new to Essential Oils, you can purchase a diffuser through me, or you can also find them on Amazon. I have two - my Youngliving diffuser and then another one similar to this one. Both are great! In November, I talked about a few of my favorite essential oil uses. You can find that post here.

Have you found any cool products this month? I would love to hear about them! 

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**The Amazon products on this post are affiliate links. That means that I will receive a small percentage if you purchase something from Amazon when using these Amazon links. This does not change my opinion about these products AT ALL. I personally use all of these items, paid for them myself and love them! :)

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