The Berger Bungalow: February Goals

February Goals
Posted on:1.29.2016

January flew by and I feel like I didn’t have much time to complete my goals, but I was actually surprised at how many I did complete! I’d say it was a productive month, especially since Ian and I not only had multiple colds and coughs, but also the flu. I had the worst aches and pains, high fever and other flu-like symptoms for a few days, and then unfortunately, Ian caught it a few days after me. Thankfully, that is all over! In February, I definitely want to finish the goals that I didn’t complete in January, but that shouldn’t be too hard! February is an exciting month for me because it will be our first anniversary on the 26th! I am so excited to celebrate!

Jumping in to the goals:

January Goals

1. Get my ring cleaned
2. Post once a week (at least)
3. Deep clean my fridge, under the bathroom sink & above our washer & dryer.
4. Attempt a Turkey and post on it.
5. Write about a fun discovery we made in Fernandina!
6. Eat healthier! I am really trying to focus on eating healthy and getting stronger.
7. Keep focusing on my yearly goals!
8. Get my car fixed!
9. Complete four sponsored posts. Does it count if I completed four, but haven’t actually posted them yet? Haha! One of mine got delayed, too!
10. Keep the house organized

February Goals

1. Celebrate our first anniversary! 
2. Finish the goals I didn’t complete last month (deep clean my fridge, deep clean above our washer + dryer, Attempt cooking a Turkey, write about the fun discovery in Fernandina & Eat healthier)
3. Write about my G&G experience!
5. Get my car washed (I’m bad about this).

Happy February, everyone! Here is to a healthier and hopefully warmer month ahead of us! 

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