The Berger Bungalow: Layering for road trips and workouts

Layering for road trips and workouts
Posted on:1.07.2016

This post has been sponsored by Brandzaffair, but all opinions are my own.

The cold weather has finally hit Atlanta! Up until this point, everyone here has been able to wear shorts and T-shirts, but now we are having to layer our clothes, wear jackets, scarves and even hats. 

When I travel, I prefer to not wear too many clothes because I get uncomfortable, so I decided to search for the perfect jacket in hopes of being comfortable, warm, but still somewhat fashionable! I came across Brandzaffair and they were nice enough to gift me this awesome Patagonia! It is perfect for every one of my needs - it covers me for my workouts, traveling, layering over cute clothes, and even just lounging around the house! 

A few days ago, we traveled back from Amelia Island and this is what I chose to wear on our road trip (it also happens to be one of my workout outfits #nomakeup #hairup), but what I love about this jacket is that you can also pair it with jeans, a longer skirt, or even colored leggings to make it more fun and fashionable! 

Do you prefer to be more fashionable, or more comfortable on road trips? Have you ever shopped with Branzaffair before? Go check them out for amazing brands and offers! 

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