The Berger Bungalow: Christmas + New Years Recap!

Christmas + New Years Recap!
Posted on:1.05.2016

I’m back, y’all! My holidays are over and I headed back to my normal routine yesterday. I was going to try to get this post out last night, but I had so many things to catch up on (including watching The Bachelor, of course)! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years and have been starting your 2016 off amazing! Here is what my holiday looked like:

Our Christmas started on Friday, December 18. We headed to Tennessee for our first Christmas with Ian’s grandparents. We had so much fun watching Christmas movies, opening gifts, eating and playing games.

On Christmas Eve, we went over to my sisters house and had dinner, exchanged white elephant gifts & had Emma open her presents. It was the perfect night. We even saw our Christmas tree on the way back to Marietta! <3 

After Katie’s house, we picked up the girls and headed over to Ian’s parents house. We had seven people and five dogs over there. Crazy (especially with the rain), but so much fun. We opened presents on Christmas morning and relaxed the rest of the time! We played games, ate a TON, did a lot of resting and relaxing, put a puzzle together (I did not take part in that - I’m awful at puzzles!), went to see a movie, and so much more!

Our last Christmas started on the Wednesday after Christmas. We drove down to Florida to see my parents and brought the girls with us. This time, we had three dogs and five people! When we arrived, we ordered pizza and opened presents. They had already opened presents with my younger sister, so it was just us opening. After that, we just relaxed and hung out together! For New Years Eve, Fernandina Beach has a shrimp drop. Let me tell you something... This shrimp was not a shrimp. It was the smallest, un-shrimp like thing you could think of. Let the pictures do the talking... We still had fun, though! We had a really good dinner, and went out for drinks after at The Green Turtle. It was a lot of fun and I have a lot of videos of crazy Fernandina folks gettin’ down (Anita included)! ;) 

As you can see, our Christmas and New Years was amazing! I am so thankful for everything we received as gifts from people. Here are some of the many things I received: 
TWO down comforters: We needed these so much. I am so, so lucky & thankful! 

Cash: Ian is headed to grad school starting in August, so this is a definite need!

Gift cards: We received Starbucks, Macys, Men’s warehouse gift cards, Garnish and Gather ( SO EXCITED!) and more. So thankful!!

Clothes: We received so many amazing clothes. Ian got me a bunch of lululemon outfits which I desperately needed, Ian got a lot of work shirts which he really needed and I got a few cute dresses, shirts and some jewelry! We love all of it so much!


Pillows: SO excited about this present!

Coffee cup: I got THE best coffee cup from my sister in law. So cute!

A drone and a model engine: Ian always gets a few toys from my dad that he loves to play with :)

A cookbook + an apron and an oven mit (pictured below): LOVE!

New shoes: Ian not only got a pair of shoes from his parents, but we also picked out tennis shoes for both of us in Florida. I really needed new shoes - I was wearing Anita’s old pair! 

A Pure Barre membership and gift card!

and SO much more. We are extremely lucky and so, so beyond thankful.

Now that we are back home, we are starting to get back in the swing of every day life. I wish we could have more time like this with our families, but one thing I am happy about is now we can get back on track with our fitness goals! Ian and I both gained SO much weight over these past few weeks and I know I am definitely going to be struggling in Pure Barre this morning. I will talk about some of our goals in 2016 tomorrow! Have a great week, everyone!

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