The Berger Bungalow: A New Social Media App: How To Use Peach

A New Social Media App: How To Use Peach
Posted on:1.25.2016

Once in a blue moon, I’ll hear about a new social media app that is going 'viral'. The other day, I received a notification that there was a new social media app that everyone was going crazy for, so I decided to check it out. Have you all heard of it? The name of the app is Peach & to me, it is a bit like Snapchat mixed with Twitter. Today, I want to teach you how to use Peach! 

When you open Peach, you will see an area to “assemble your squad.” This is where you will search for friends that are currently using the app, or you can invite them. For me, I didn’t have any friends already using the app, so I invited my sister to help me test it out for you all!

Once you have a friend list going, you can start posting updates! If you click on one of your friends, you can add them to your favorites, see their friend list and bio, leave a comment on their updates, and you can also do cute little “actions” to them. A few are wave, hiss, blow a kiss, hoop, put a ring on, etc. I wish they would add more of these because there aren’t many right now. 

If you go back to your main screen and click on your picture/profile, you can post updates, share pictures (from your albums or from your camera), see your activity and friend requests, and you can also answer little questions they have for you like “give yourself a compliment” and “I probably spend too much time...” I guess the point of this is to get people active in the app.

In my opinion, this app could be fun and it might be able to replace Twitter and Snapchat because you have the ability to post picture updates, post comment updates and interact with your friends, but it’s not useful to me until my friends use it. Who knows, it might not ever get enough attention to actually become a fun app for everyone, but it sure stirred things up a few days ago!

Have you heard of this new social media app? Did this help you learn about how to use Peach?

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