The Berger Bungalow: Blogmas Day 7: Winter Activities

Blogmas Day 7: Winter Activities
Posted on:12.17.2015

On The Seventh Day of Blogmas...
The Berger’s wrote for you: Seven Winter Activities!

Winter activities make the perfect dates! It’s the perfect time to form relationships because it’s so cold that you have to cuddle up! I think some of my favorite date ideas are in the winter! Here are a few ideas on Activities to do this winter:

Activity #1:  Go ice skating
Activity #2: Binge watch Christmas movies
Activity #3: Make gingerbread houses
Activity #4: Decorate a Christmas tree
Activity #5: Go look at Christmas lights
Activity #6: Have a Christmas party!
Activity #7: Make Christmas cookies!

What are your favorite Winter Activities?!

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