The Berger Bungalow: Blogmas Day 5: Golden Memories

Blogmas Day 5: Golden Memories
Posted on:12.15.2015

On The Fifth Day of Blogmas...
The Berger’s wrote for you: Five Golden Memories!

Today my prompt is to share five of my favorite past Christmas memories! When I first saw this, I thought “ONLY FIVE?!” I have so many amazing memories and wish I could share all of them.

Memory #1: Christmas Eve with my family. I think I’ve included this in almost every December post of mine so far just because it really was so memorable! 

Memory #2: Sneaking downstairs with my sister on the morning of Christmas to see what Santa left us!!!

Memory #3: Christmas breakfast and dinner. For breakfast, we would always drink coffee or juice and eat a huge breakfast which included cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, bacon of course, eggs, and so many other things! In the past few years, we also got white fish and salmon mmmm mmm. For Christmas dinner, my dad would always make prime rib. I loved trying on all of our new clothes, and playing with our new gadgets/toys while smelling the prime rib cook. I am going to miss it so much this year! 

Memory #4: Decorating the Christmas tree with my family. I always remember that we begged and begged to decorate it earlier on, but they always won and we usually decorated it sometime in the middle of December. We had so much fun decorating it!

Memory #5: Going through Lights of Life. It was always the same, but it was always so pretty and fun to do it with my family!

What are some of your past holiday memories?

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