The Berger Bungalow: Blogmas Day 3: Signs of the Season

Blogmas Day 3: Signs of the Season
Posted on:12.11.2015

On The Third Day of Blogmas...
The Berger’s wrote for you: 3 Signs of The Season!

This post is so hard to write because there are so many signs that represent this season. When I think about the Christmas, I feel joy, love and excitement, so I will try to narrow it down to three things that also make me feel this way! 

My first sign of the season would have to be the smell of Christmas trees! It has to be one of my all time favorite smells. There really is nothing like it! I love smelling them when we pick our perfect tree out, I love that my entire house begins to smell like our tree, and I even love Christmas tree scented candles. They are amazing.

My second sign of the season is something that is widely spread around social media: The red starbucks cup! Just typing this makes me think of my favorite flavored coffees and drinks they have around Christmas time. I actually might have to go on my way to the grocery store in a few minutes! 

My third and final sign of the season would have to be smiles. This might be a weird sign of the season to most, but I honestly can tell a difference in everyones mood when it is Christmas time! Everyone is so much happier and much more forgiving. The smiles plastered to everyones faces definitely says that Christmas is here, to me! 

What is your favorite sign of the season?

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