The Berger Bungalow: Our Christmas List

Our Christmas List
Posted on:11.11.2015

Christmas is coming up so fast & I wanted to share with you guys what Ian & I are putting on our Christmas lists! In the past few years, Ian and I have been EXTREMELY practical - only asking for money, or other things that we absolutely needed, but on this list, I think we have a pretty good mix of things we need and things we want/could go without. Still, even with it not being AS practical compared to past years, I still think it's mostly practical... The only thing that is completely random and that doesn't matter that much (or really at all) is the Pop Sugar Must Have Box. This year, Ian and I are giving each other stockings + money towards a house down payment. Check out our lists below!

Alex's Christmas List
- A bi-weekly produce box subscription/gift card! I've found places like: Fresh Harvest,  Eat Right Atlanta & Natures Garden
- One or two down comforters... we still have a few on our Bed Bath & Beyond Registry ;)
- Dog bones/toys (because I cannot just think about myself)!
- Pure Barre West Cobb Gift Certificate (if I end up liking it - Stay tuned)
- A garnish & gather gift certificate
Poppy Austin Rose Water
- Belk, Macy's or J. Crew Gift card

Ian's Christmas List
Alabama jacket
Sweatshirt in Charcoal
- Gift card to Men's Warehouse

What are you putting on your Christmas list?

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