The Berger Bungalow: I’m Thankful: Thanksgiving Recap!

I’m Thankful: Thanksgiving Recap!
Posted on:11.29.2015

Thanksgiving came and went and it’s officially the start of the happiest time of the year! Thanksgiving break is always so much fun to me - you gather with your family and friends, stuff your face with amazing food and talk about what you are thankful for. This year was the best year yet! 

This is what my Thanksgiving Holiday looked like:

Wednesday: My sister, Jenny came home this evening & we went over to Ian’s parents for a ravioli and family night.

Thursday: Ian and I woke up and went to his parents house. We had food catered by Murphy’s to allow us all to spend more time together instead of worrying about cooking everything all day long.
We then headed over to my older sister’s house and spent the rest of the evening with everyone! Josh and Katie worked so hard putting everything together for Thanksgiving. They did an AMAZING job! I don’t know how they did it with a four month old. 
We had a few drinks at Katie’s house after everyone else left, and then Jenny and I went Black friday shopping!! We got a pretty good haul from Target.

Friday: Jenny and I woke up and went to a Pure Barre class. We then stopped by home depot to pick up a lock for Ian and to get the .99 poinsettias deal. Unfortunately, we could not find the deal and just picked up the lock. After that, we went to grab some bubble tea on the square, went home, made salads and watched a cheesy love movie. Perfect! That night, we got ready to go ice skating, but the Marietta Square rink had a TWO HOUR wait, so we ended up just grabbing dinner at Pressed Panini Bar and then went to an irish pub and played heads up! 

Saturday: Ian and I went over to his parents house again to watch the Alabama game. We play a college pick ‘em game with some family and friends & this was the last week of it. I ended up coming in second place after Ian by ONE point. Last year, I won by a land slide. Tori, my sister in law took me to this fun place called Luv-a-bowl. SO GOOD! After we left Ian’s parents, we picked up some food and drinks and Ian’s cousin came over to hang out with us. They ended up passing out on the couch and Jenny and I watched Age of Adeline (SO AMAZING)! By the way, Jenny stayed and cuddled with her pizza this entire day. ;)

Sunday: Ian decided to work this day, so I woke up early and made Chicken Divan for Ian and MJ. I have an awesome recipe that I will eventually post... Once again, I’m running way late on all of my posts. Something about this month has me behind on everything, but I am going to try my best to catch up in December! MJ was so nice and brought me a poinsettia that he got from Home Depot!! After Ian finished up his work, we headed back to Marietta, ordered a salad from Marietta Pizza Company & relaxed on the couch! The best ending to the holiday weekend.

We had so much fun celebrating Thanksgiving & relaxing over this long weekend. Family time is always the best - nothing is more important. I can’t wait to have more holiday time this upcoming month! One thing I am really looking forward to is having a night with Ian to get our Christmas tree! :) 
What did you do over your Thanksgiving weekend?

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